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sick kitten please help

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About 4 weeks about my 13 year old daughters cat gave birth
to 5 kittens but unfortunately as we live on a farm they are covered in fleas and one kitten is now very sick,weve just bathed him in warm water and tryed to pick the felas off by hand and we now have him indoors and we are feeding him 7 times a day on full fat milk, we was wondering if any memebers here had any ideas on how we can get rid of the fleas as we have heard we cant use stuff like program on kittens thanks for your help in advace
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Your new litter needs to go the vet and quickly. Fleas are very adept at sucking so much blood out of newborns and making them anemic very fast. The kittens may not survive if not seen and given some sort of treatment for the after-effects of fleas.

You can buy a baby comb or a fine-tooth animal comb and comb the fleas out and stick the fleas in a jar of warm soapy water to kill them. But quite frankly, the babies need to go to the vet if you can get them there.
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It isn't really a good idea to give kittens milk unless it's the special kitten milk. Most cats can't digest lactose.
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my first kitten was also abandoned and covered in fleas and we really gave him a good wash and pls try to pick out all the fleas. i think as long as you keep him indoors where the fleas are less likely to get to him that'll be fine.

when they reach 6 weeks- you can use revolution or advantage on them
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