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Could i be pregnant?!?

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I am a bit worried at this point. I believe my cycle is 28 days (dont kill me for not know 100%) so I was supposed to get my period the 13th-ish (15th at the latest) and it is now the 17th.

How many days should i let go before I start to worry? With my DS's pregnancy I dont even remember when I started showing symptoms, but at this point im not having any symptoms at all. DH has been getting on my nerves but hey, hes like that

Also, when can I take a home pregnancy test? I've never taken one before. With DS I took a blood test 2 1/2 weeks after my missed period.

Please help, im a bit nervous, this wasnt supposed to happen now! We'd decided on waiting at least until the house was built! We only went on Monday to check out the models, and now baby is like 'Well thats the ticket im coming now!'
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you can go ahead and take one-- I knew i was pregger with mydaughter when i was less than 2 weeks preggers. She didnt even show up on the u/s-- dr told me it would be a miscarriage and i cried for a week before coming back for a D&C. Then there she was.

I always get a two pack of pg tests. One for now and one for later LOL

You may be late due to stress as well and stressing about being late can make you even later! LOL

Good Luck--

hope you get the result you want.
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I would say you can take the home pregnancy test now too. It worked for me that early. Good luck.
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Well it can show up now. Or you could be late from stres. I agree with the test. But I think they say its best to take them in the AM so you might want to take it tomorrow morning. Or if you were impatient like I was (I hada scare) I took one immediately and then another the next morning. Both negative luckily!
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Ok, for those of you who have been pregnant or are pregnant, when did you notice those first awful symptoms?
When did you finally take the test?

I am very scatter minded and I was pregnant for 9 months, and I do not remember anything about those first months. The only thing I remember vividly about my pregnancy were my 2am Charlie Horses. DH would wake up panicking asking if it was time to go to the hospital LOL.
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Some people dont realise they are pregnant untill a month or two later
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Well my best friend just had a baby december 15th, and she knew she was preggie right away because how she was peeing more and she was eating ALOT more. Now my other best friend is also preggie, and she just took a test she had a feeling that she was because she kept craving mushroom pizza and she dont like mushrooms and she took a test and it came out positive, but i dont agree with what she is doing bout it, shes not going to the doctors and shes not telling her mom yet and shes 19 and lives with her mom ! I think she is mad at me about that but I am going to write a post sometime soon about her situation and how can i help her talk to her mom and things like that, but thats whne i am more alive
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When did you last go into heat?

Totally joking, LOL!

Seriously, I was 6 weeks along when I KNEW I was preggo because of the symptoms I was getting - sore breasts and morning sickness, but I know it is completely different for everyone, and every pregnancy is different from any other.

When I had pregnancy scares in later years, I hightailed it to my doctor's office to get the blood test (Beta Sub Unit) because that can conclusively tell you if you are preggo as early as 21 days into the pregnancy (that's when the embryo forms a heartbeat.)
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with my oldest i didnt know at all for 3 months, all home test and even a blood test came back neg. Than when i was 3 months i had a UTI and the dr was like umm do you think you could be preg, i said um no , i have had tests out the wazoo for 3 months. So they didnt test but it put a bug in my mind (i can go months without a period so thats never an indicator for me) i bought 3 tests, all 3 were odd, the line that shows if your preg was bright red and there but the test line(that says if the tester is working) was absent lol. So i went in and the dr looked at me and said honey you dont need a test, your belly is already popping out. That same day i heard my son's heart beat rofl.

Now with my youngest my husband looked at me one day and said your pregnant. I had not even missed my period, it was still at least 2 weeks off. I tested and sure enough faint line. lol so you just never know. If you test and the test is neg and you still dont get your period a week after that go see your dr for a blood test. They are very sensitve and will register HCG no matter how small.
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You can take one now. They make some of the tests these days to read even before your missed period.
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[quote=GingersMom;1525429]When did you last go into heat?

Totally joking, LOL!


OMG that is not funny! ..No wait yes it is!!

Seriously though, my last period was December 15th. If I concieved it was on Christmas (blame it on the Christmas spirit..LOL)

I feel weird though because I have no symptoms.
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Do you have any cramping? Maybe you are late due to stress
if your boobs are sore and you gotta pee every time you turn around, then you may be PG.
Even if you to the Dr. sometimes the tests show up neg. I went to the ER with my middle son cause I was deathly ill.They ran a blood pg test and said it was neg. they did and x-ray and after I came back, told me the test was POSITIVE!!! Turned out I was only 2 weeks pg and the HCG level was really low. I didn't believe them and took a home pg test and it showed up the FAINTEST pink and I thought nothing of it.A week later and YEP I was pg.
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i would say take a pregnancy test to be sure one way or the other...if you get two positive ones ....or even if they negative but you still have symptoms- make a doctors appointment for a blood test soon. go ahead and start taking vitamins (with folic acid in them) and stop taking your other medicines if you're on them - talk to your doctor and let her know you're not definite if you're pg or not. i'd say until you know for sure eithor way- err on the side of caution and treat your body like you would if you were pregnant.
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Originally Posted by JulieKit View Post
Ok, for those of you who have been pregnant or are pregnant, when did you notice those first awful symptoms?
When did you finally take the test?

I am very scatter minded and I was pregnant for 9 months, and I do not remember anything about those first months. The only thing I remember vividly about my pregnancy were my 2am Charlie Horses. DH would wake up panicking asking if it was time to go to the hospital LOL.
I didn't actually notice I was late. Never kept track of it at that time. But I noticed I was scatter brained and just couldn't think. Then I remembered the woman jogging and her thinking she might be PG because she couldn't think in a commercial.. and a went off in my head... I also agree with the two pack. Just to make sure or sometimes they just don't work right.
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I've been pregnant twice. The first time I had no symptoms, but the second time there were lots of clues! I agree to buy the two-pack test. It can tell right away, you don't have to wait.

Cheers, from
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some women it doesn't work. My friend knew she was pregnant but the pee test said no but the blood test said yes.
I didn't know i was pregnant until i was 4.5 months along...yay to no periods (i can go a whole year without a period but apparently there is nothign wrong with me...whatever)...i had no idea..i thought my stomach problems were just acting up.
Took a test and BAMO, line. I just remember that i was really really tired all the time and didn't eat anything but soup.
Some cycles can last longer. For about a year, I've actually been having my period and my cycles are 35 days. 5 weeks. That's what it was when i was regular.
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When I got pregnant with my son, I pretty much knew about a month and half later...still had a very light period during the first month. I started getting morning sickness (well all day sickness), and I was tired ALL the time, plus bad heart burn and weird cravings.

I just went to the doc's and got a test done there.

THis past 7 months, I've had 2 missing periods. I started working out pretty intensely, just started back to school etc and the stress and physical activity threw my body for a loop the first time. I took two at home tests and both negative and just to be doubly sure, I went to the docs and the one at the docs was negative too.

Anyways, Here's wishing you the best either way!
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[quote=JulieKit;1525405]Ok, for those of you who have been pregnant or are pregnant, when did you notice those first awful symptoms?
When did you finally take the test?

Well I am currently pregnant with my first child and it went down like this...
I was supposed to get my period January 5th. No signs of it coming so I told my future hubby dan. He easily gets freaked out over stuff like that so he made me take an at home pregnancy test. Now they lowest number of hCG it can test..the sooner you can take the test with better results. I took one that can test 20hCG which is the lowest the day I was supposed to get it....I took three of them on two different days...all positive. You can take the test now...you should go for one about mid-price to high.

the first signs I got were....cramping, like i was going to get my period but lighter and not so fequent and signs of morning sickness that was off an on all day.Nothing to make me throw up but make me feel like BLAH! Then my breast began to get sore, I am about 6weeks and boy..they are swelling and SORE!!! Now I am more sleepy then anything. I last 12 hours then I wanna take a nap or call it a night.
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Yeah, take a test now. Most of the PG tests out there now will detect pregnancy reliably the day after your missed period...and yes, get a two-pack. As far as symptoms showing up, this varies greatly from person to person, but it really is a bit on the early side for you to be experiencing morning sickness, and things to that nature.

Well, good luck either way...sometimes the best surprises are the ones we were least expecting!
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did you take one yet???
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Yeah, have you taken one yet? You'll have to post the results here.
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have you taken a test yet??
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Were all in suspense now. LOL!!!
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lol have ya have ya have ya (i feel like a kid on a long trip, are we there yet) so so did ya test? you know we all wanna know, live vicaresly through ya.
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The cheap tests work fine as well. With my youngest son I took a test the day I was supposed to start and it came back positive. With all my kids I took the test the day of or within 2 days after and they came back positive. I didn't really have any signs I just knew I was pregnant.
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LOL I havent taken one yet! I think I will tommorow morning though.

I was going to buy one last night, to take it in the morning but I was having some slight cramping (felt more like gas though, sorta funny) so I put it off until today. I definately need to do something though, im dying to find out!

The only thing im worried about is my mother. Im still a bit attached to her and I know its going to be difficult to tell her because I am still young. I dont want her to be mad/dissapointed in me!

Well there is only one way to find out, and I will definately post on here...just dont tell my mother!!
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I am dying to know!! Hurry and take the test!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
I am dying to know!! Hurry and take the test!
I saved this post for last hoping for some good news!
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did ya did ya did ya take on yet!!!???

well what are ya waiting for lady!! take the test!!
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LOL nope I havent taken it yet, Im waiting for my morning pee to *hopefully* get a clear result. I'll post tomorow at 8am sharp!

...Just so everyone can have a stress free weekend!
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