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Two Headed Cat.

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So While I was sitting here this morning, trying to wake up, I found the extremely rare two headed cat, right infront of me.

What a find!!
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I want my own 2 headed cat!! they really love each other don't they?
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Wait a minute, in the first picture your two headed cat has 5 ears!

I have a two headed cat also.
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yep I see 5 ears too

they are so smudged up and happy kitties
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Haha, Thats Cappy's ear, he wanted to be part of the fun too, I guess.
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Aww, I love those two! Why don't my two snuggle like that? Its 30 degrees here, feels like 21! I think that calls for some snuggling!
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Originally Posted by mooficat View Post
yep I see 5 ears too

OMG what adorable love muffins
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Wow! A 2-headed cat with 5 ears! I'll take them off your hands for you!
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Oh that is precious
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Awww, what darlings! matter how many heads or ears...they're adorable

Hilda >^..^<
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They are just so cute!

You just want to snuggle them up!
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Those two are gorgeous! They are really cute snuggled together, but man....I can't get over how gorgeous they are!!!! They're!
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That is so cute!
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Do I see a third set of ears in the background? Potential for a 3 headed cat!
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awwwww!!! I want one too. You can just feel the love between those two!!!
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Adorable!!! And hilarious too
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