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"Tissue Kittie"

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I have a 10 month old female siamese kittie who has the most annoying habit all of a sudden. She fishes thru my baskets and takes out a dirty tissue and plays with it. I found one that she actually had taken into her bed and was sleeping with it along with another toy. Now mind you, this cat has tons of toys to play with, is well loved, cuddled to and talked to...I have tried to fool her by placing "clean" tissues in the basket all crumpled up, but she picks that out and goes for the dirty ones. Short of keeping the baskets empty I don't know what to do. I empty them frequesntly, but sometimes I am busy and don't get a chance to and she grabs one. She actually sneaks up to the barrels and gently peeks in and steals it and then runs from me.
Has anyone else had experience with this, and if so, what did you do?
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Well, yes I have a few cats that get into a few particualr things. Unfortunatley all I can tell you is that the only way I found to prevent it, is to put the trash cans and various other things up where they cant them.
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Maybe get one with a lid? Sandie, my cats will climb everything in our house - I can't imagine putting anything up and them not being into it
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Hi WeseLPN, is it possible kitty just wants something small around that has your scent on it? Have you tried substituting a small clean washcloth you might have rubbed on your arm, leg or face? Try to find a cloth without the frayed edges so she won't eat them and possibly make herself sick.

Good luck!
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My cat fishes used Q-tips out of my garbage. I tried to get her to stop but she like to play with them way too much. I started throwing them away in the garbage under the sink. It is the only way I can keep her out.
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I actually find that its like baby proofing my house. I have to keep the bathroom doors closed, the paper towels in a cubbard, ashtrays covered with coasters, no straws in cups, no flowers except for the entertainment center (they cant get up there),and I am sure theres more. I am just thankful for what they DONT get into!!
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I have 2 siamese and I totally understand what you mean when you say "kitty-proof". Bella is a master thief she will get in to anything, from closed drawers, doors, cabinets, closets and especially my purse. Every door has a child proof lock, and my coat closet has a large pot in front of the door to keep her out. But the worst is the bathroom waste basket. I was emptying the basket daily, but then she resorted to the toilet paper on the roll for amusement. Now I do not have a waste basket in the restroom-everything gets dumped in the kitchen trash which is under the sink and closed off. One solution may be to put your restroom waste basket under the restroom sink. If she insists on playing with something that has your smell-try giving her a rolled up old sock...that seems to work for a while
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