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Heart Problems :(

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my grandad sent me an email today, he has been in hospital with heart problems again and has been put on bed rest for a month. He's getting very old now and this is his third serious hospitalisation in a year. I'm SO annoyed that none of my family in the country go and see him nevermind take care of him. I've applied for an emergency passport just in case it's worse than we think and I've sorted out airfares etc.
So, looks lke I might be heading to South Africa again sometime this year, I wish it was a pleasant visit
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oh darling I am so sorry, how disappointing for you that your family dont go to visit him, I find that very sad. We should cherish our elderly.

I am sorry that your trip home might not be a pleasant one... is there any chance you would be able to go home sooner than later? go visit him? I know thats a 'huge cost' though.

gosh I am so sorry
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Many hugs and prayers on their way for your granddad..........
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Many prayers going to your Grandpa!!!
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