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liquid diet?

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i have an old cat that has lost most of her teeth. i've been feeding her canned wet food, but now she seems to be having some troubles eating that. anyone know of a good product to use as a liquid diet for a cat?
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WHen I have had sick cats that can't eat, I have simply liquidised some wet food, adding a little goat milk or occasional egg yolk. Then they can lap it or I can give it by syringe. You can also make chicken soup by boiling up chicken with no salt or garlic, and liquidising that.
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There is a product called Rebound that is available from the vet, and a product called CatSure (like Ensure but for cats). I'm not sure that either are meant to be fed long term though. I would second jennyranson's idea of kitty soup using water or goat's milk
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If you haven't, I'd have her in to the vet for an exam, she may have ulcers that are causing her pain, and which she could be medicated for (I.e. sulcrafate).
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Can you just puree the food and add more water or broth to it to make it smooth? Someone on the forum got the Magic Bullet and says it works great to shred chicken or puree foods. They're cheap and you could use it just for the cat food.
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There is a product called Clinicare that can be used as a liquid diet. But if she's in pain then she needs to see a vet. Most likely she needs the rest of her teeth pulled, and once that happens she'll probably feel 100% better and be able to eat regular canned food without any trouble.
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