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Cat attacks Postman

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UK Post Office, The Royal Mail, now bosses are threatening to suspend deliveries to a woman's home - because of her aggressive cat,00.html

thats one mean kitty
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I've got one of those myself called Rosie! She can't do it now because the new house has a porch on it, but there was one day the paperboy was taking his time posting a newspaper. Rosie was sitting in front of the door just watching and waiting and his hand was right in my letterbox making sure the paper got through, but Rosie jumped up and grabbed his hand. You've never seen a kid retract his hand so quick!!

Heres Rosie catching my post.

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I used to live in an apartment building that had door to door delivery because it was a condominium complex. My cat used to sit at the door and wait for the mail carrier to drop the mail inside. I was in the livingroom one day and heard this racket at the door and went and looked. The mailman was playing with my cat through the mail slot in the door, LOL
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Love the photo of your girls, Rosiemac!

We used to drop our rent cheques under the door of the old super. She had a cat that would often grab the cheques and play with them.
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aww, it was just trying to defend it's house! well ,you would too if a hand suddenly poked through your door, lol.
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