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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
Well I just can't buy anything cause I didn't get to the store early enough! Its already out of stock!!
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Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
I'm just banking until they have stuff to buy.... nobody luvs me I have no gifts yet....


"nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I'll just go eat DIRT!"
I don't have any either. Hopefully, it's just because the store is out of stock! I'm sure someone will give you one soon! If there were any left in the store, I'd give you one, just so you could have one
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Actually, I'm broke because of:

1. Huge cat vet bills from December (over $700 worth), and a $700 car repair;

2. Hubby gets paid by the hour; he's not getting even half of his normal hours the past few weeks; in fact, he didn't even work yesterday (a first);

3. Having to pay to transport a piano (longgg story);

4. Something else, but I can't think of it now!

5. My vacuum cleaner just broke; we need a new one, especially with 9 cats ( 4 of them Maine Coonish in fur!). I have a cheap vacuum for upstairs, but it doesn't accomodate attachments, which I need to do the sofas, etc., and the stairs.

On the bright side:

At least we both have jobs! We have each other and our wonderful kitties, and our decent house, with heat (crappy heat pump, though!); gas has gone down in price; and I thought to stock my pantry full a few months back, so we don't have to buy much food the next month or so--just cat food! Oh, and did I mention our wonderful kitties??? :-)

Here's hoping everyone's wallets become magically full SOON!

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