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Just relaxing

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One of Sissy, Zazzy, and Ziggy kicking back, MinMan snoozing

Sissy sleeping like a log, can't even see her eyes

Zazzy and her big gold eyes

Ziggy Just relaxing

MiniMan and his curley chest hair hair, I have no idea why its like that

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Why do I feel so relaxed? Your kitties are beautiful; I love the curly chest hair!

Cheers, from
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awe thats so cute, they look so relaxed, i wish i was them right now ur kitties are gorgeous thou, and curly in chest hair i am learning can be quit common
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Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... I want to nap too You have 2 cats that look like Susie's!!
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Well don't they look comfy
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Awwww look at those little beauties I love sleeping babies
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I just love sleepy/comfy kitties!
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Your babies look adorable... curly chest hair or no
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so sweet.. makes me sleepy.
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Would love to cuddle with them!!!
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