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My cats...

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I have 6 cats, three of the youngest like to express themselves as much as they please while the three older ones nap most of the day. Angel is my emotional cat. I know when she is scared, upset, annoyed, happy, and affectionate. Her meows, her expression, her body language tell me all too well what she's feeling. Tonight her eyes made contact with mine, then stretched her long slender body as her paws kneaded my leg, as if asking me to pick her up, she meowed. She quickly made herself comfortable in my lap and snuggled into my arms as she purred away.

Angel's 7 month old son, Black Diamond, is a character. He is my curious thief. With his eyes bright and round it tells me he's thinking up plans of trouble. He fetches the ball, the cap, the pen He steals the stuffed bear, the wallet, the markers. He plays with the pen caps, the feathers, the socks. He knocks over the lamps, the candles, the food. He wants the treats, the love, the adventure. He hates the cuddles, the tape, the bugs. He loves the attention, the blankets, the tables. His favorite game is hide-and-seek with his human. He is my bugger, loves to pester his older cat friend, Ashley. He is a charmer of good looks.

Garfield is my quiet "mature" cat. She is my nose/ear licker. She loves to sleep upside down with her paws covering her sweet eyes. She is the one who does not want to cause trouble but who is always on the watch what goes on around her. She gets these bursts of energy that causes her to dash around the house as fast as her legs can go. She likes to make these tweaky meows when she wants attention.

Ashley, my queen. She is my follower. Where ever outside I go she sure to be there with me never to leave my side. She is the "lady" of the house that is until Black Diamond started to show her she will soon be thrown down from her "throne". But she's subborn, he knows that. She refuses to give up her kingdom to the baby of the house. She is sweet, like her daughter Garfield, she is loyal and gentle. Unlike Garfield, she gets her point across to those who dare to advance her. She is my golden girl.

Nikki, like her daughter Angel, loves the cuddles the snuggles and the lap of the one who feeds and cares for her. She is mellow, skittish, but joyful, happy cat. A game of mouse is her favorite, but she prefers to watch others play once in awhile. She is my follower as well, sometimes will follow only if her friend Pepper the cat is with her. She is a talker, she is sweet and she is friendly who purrs as loud as a cat can purr.

Pepper, my big lover. If I am not around she searches for hiding places and stays put till I call her name. She is the oldest of all the cats, soon to be 4 follow by Ashley and Nikki both soon to be 3, Garfield and Angel soon to be 2 with Black Diamond soon to be 1. Pepper too is my follower, sometimes. If something distracts her, she follows the distractions and looses me. She loves treats, love to be held, and loves to eat. She likes to be alone and try to stay out of the way of Angel's mood swings. She is a sweet caring baby, she never gets on tables, counters, or dressers, she is a very caring cat to other cats in the household.

Now you have met all my babies, I hope soon you will see pictures of them!
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They all sound so cute
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They sound like great cats, I look forward to seeing photos.

Are you a breeder? I notice you have a few mothers/son/daughter.
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I love how you described them with such detail. You know them, their ways, their responses necause you love them so much.
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