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Cat addicted to light

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Ok, first of all I want to say WHATS GOOD? its been a long time since I have made a post, been so busy and all but havent forgot about you guys. But I have so many things to have answered, I've been sifting through threads and such but I couldnt find an answer for this one so here it goes:

My kitten armani who is now 7 months loves my lamp. I keep it at ground level because i like it like that lol. But anyways, he likes to huddle by it and stare into the light. Question is: Is this bad for him? is it natural?

thanks alot guys.
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I am not sure that it is harmful, but Melody does this too. I am not sure why but she likes to cram her head inbetween the shade and the lightbulb and stare at it for hours. I think maybe it is the warmth of the bulb on her face she enjoys, but I am not exactly sure. I would not worry about your kitties health as much as I would worry he/she might tip over the light and start a fire in your house, with it being on the floor and all. I am just glad to hear that I am not the only one with a weird cat.
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Spalding and Scampi love sunbathing by my desk lamp. They get their face right in and stare at it then lay down. I always turn it off when they start to stare, just because I know how it hurts my eyes so I'm careful with them.
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Siboban somtimes likes to stare into my bedside lamp, it dosn't normally hold her interest very long, but I do normally discourage her from doing it.
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that's intersting. Never thought of it as him sunbathing. I will say its annoying after awhile so I just clap my hands and he knows he needs to back away.
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