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Name change needed...

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Well, my hamsters name needs to be changed from Frodo to Lucky I think...

I came home from working a 12 hour day to find my hamsters cage knocked off the high bookshelf and everything torn out of it- hammie was MIA. My very distraught daughter and I searched for him everywhere. I noticed the cats were all on edge, and I had found no body- so I thought he may be alive and hiding somewhere.

Now, with 3 predatory cats in the house I thought he didn't stand much chance of survival, and figured he crawled off somewhere injured. I finally looked in my bedroom, the last place to search, and there was the little fella hiding, completely unscathed, under my bed!

I'm not sure how to make his cage any more cat-proof than it is now- but I'm looking into it. For now, his cage goes in my room behind closed doors before I go to work. I'm thinking about buying him a nice big tank and a stand so the cats (well, only Onyx soon) can't tip it over. However, until then I'd welcome any suggestions on how to keep my poor little fluffball safe. I admit I was none too happy with the cats when I saw what had happened- this is the second hamster they've gone after. Is nothing smaller than them safe?
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Oh the poor Hammie!!!!!!! I am glad you found him safe and sound. What about putting a brick ontop of the cage as a temporary thing until they get their new home. It should be heavy enough so the kitties don't knock it down for a while. Good luck.
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Awww Mel!! Poor lickle Hammie!!! "survivor hammie" Glad he was ok, and other than putting his cage in a room where the kitties can't get, I don't have any ideas!! sorry!! The brick thing might work, but then I don't know, if the cats DO still manage to pull the cage off, they might end up with a brick on their bonce!!
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Stay away from those Hammies Bod!!!!:tounge2:

Melissa you don't have any banisters in your house do you????
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:LOL: :LOL: Look, I keep telling you....!!
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OOPSSSSS!!!!!!!! Sorry Bodbabe heheheheheh!!:tounge2:
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That is one lucky hammie for sure! Glad the kitties didn't get 'im.
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Whew...close call for the hammie. Glad to hear all is well.
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Good to hear the hamster is okay.

How about getting a 'flattish' rectangular box, larger than the cage itself, cut out the shape of the base of the cage on one side only, and fit the cage in. You could either paint the box or cover it in a favourite material to make it look nicer. The additional width at the bottom should prevent the cats from tipping the cage so easily. You could also weight the additional area within the box base so the cats couldn't push it over or around as easily.

Only an idea - but a cheap one
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Oh poor Frodo!!! He sure was lucky!!!!!!

I have an idea....

I don't know if they have these where you live, but I'm sure they have something very similar....

Buy a big sterilite container....it's a big plastic storage container with a lid. Then drill several very small holes in the lid for air. Fill it with the wood chips or whatever bedding you use, put the hammies in and there ya go!!

I have several of these containers with little critters in them, and my cats can't get to them at all. They even jump on top of it sometimes and peer into the tiny holes, but they can't get to the critters!!! And the plastic is clear, so you can still see your hamsters inside! I think I only paid about 15 or 20 dollars for the ones I have, and they are about 3 feet long by a foot and a half wide, and about 2 feet deep. Something like that. I'm guessing on the measurements. Hope this helps! I got mine at Walmart here.
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