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Help, cat afraid of boyfriend, strange behaviour.

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New here, hi everyone! (Sorry this is long)

I have recently adopted 2 cats (a female 9 years old and a male 8 years old) from my sister as she now has 2 kids and doesnt have time for them anymore.
They were both rescue cats.

The male cat has always been very afraid of most things and it took him longer to settle in than the female cat.

The past week the male cat has become very strange around my boyfriend (he loved my boyfriend to begin with and my boyfriend hasnt done anything differently). He started growling and hissing at him all the time. I read posts about Bachs flower enscences and bought some and starting using it and within minutes he was purring and snuggling up to my boyfriend (I have stopped using it today incase using this started this behaviour)

But then the other day, my boyfriend found him shaking and growling big time, and he even pooed and peed himself where he was standing. He later chilled out and was fine around me but continued to growl around my boyfriend.

Then last night when I was out, my boyfriend accidently dropped the broom in the kitchen and the male cat was near him and he went crazy again, he attacked the broom, then ran away and then my boyfriend tried to calm him down, he then growled, hissed and pooed and peed himself again. When I came home he was scared but came to me after a while and was fine again.

Tonight when my boyfriend has been here with me, the male cat just sits in one spot petrified, however when I was here this morning by myself, he was following me around, purring getting cuddles etc.

Any suggestions on how to stop him being so strange? Should I buy one of these comfort plug ins?

Thanks in advance
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I think the cat may need to see a vet. Sometimes older cats start strange behaviors and there is a deeper reason for it. When is the last time he was in to the vets? It is awfully traumatic to rehome older cats and their health may take a negative turn when that happens and they are stressed enough.

There might be something triggering it too. Does your boyfriend change cologne or shampoo around the times the cat is more aggressive? Did you buy a difference scented Glade plug in or light a different candle at those times? Think of any little change. Cats are really sensitive. Even a raoming cat outside, spraying could affet it too. I would hope at 9 years old he is neutered too because intact males can be aggressive too.

But keep in mind since he is older, there could be health issues going on. He may not physically or obviously show you that something is up but he may not be feeling good.
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has your boyfriend hit him? I was on vacation and me and my friends were hanging out and one of my friends smacked one of my other friend's cats and it reacts that same way as well.....best of luck!
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You mentioned that you have "recently adopted" this boy ... how recently did he come to live in your home? Could it be that he is simply overwhelmed with all of the changes in his routine and environment - perhaps there was a man in his previous home who didn't treat him with kindness?
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I am also thinking maybe your boyfirend wears a cologne that the kitty doesn't like? if your BF doesn't wear cologne obviously that wouldn't apply, but just a suggestion
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Thank you for all your replies. Yes he (Sydney) is neuteured. We have been here for 6 weeks now. My sister didnt have much stuff for them and the litter box was broken, but I did bring their cat bowls so they had a scent.

My boyfriend has never hit him, he has always cuddled him lots (maybe too much?) I dont think Sydney has ever had a man cuddle him or fuss with him much, and I dont know what happened when he was a kitten, I know he was treated badly, maybe by a man?

I havent changed the plug ins, they have been the same since we moved in. My boyfriend does wear cologne, and he has a lot of them and does change what he wears. But so do I, I change body lotion every other day and perfume is not always the same and he is fine around me. I will tell my boyfriend to stop wearing it for a few days and see if it makes a diffference.

I thought that he maybe he should see a vet, but he is always normal around me. Like last night when boyfriend was sleeping, I let Sydney in and he slept on the bed with us all night and then he was there all morning with me purring, and he has follwed me downstairs and is now sitting on the sofa with me.

Maybe he needs more time, I hope he feels more like home soon, I dont like him being so scared!

Thanks again for all your replies!
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