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Free kittens at a show?!

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I forgot to mention this about the ACFA show I attended. I hope no one connected with these people reads this site. I won't mention names or breed for that reason.

But... here's the story. I was offered a kitten FOR FREE by one of the other exhibitors, as long as I showed the kitten. I really wanted to take the little guy home, but I knew my husband wouldn't approve, and I knew that we'd be getting one of Sneakers' kittens back soon (story in Kittens section), so I said no. They looked healthy enough and well fed, the kitten had even won some rosettes that day.

Something about it made me feel funny... is that normal? Or did they just feel comfortable homing a kitten at a show because they knew they'd be taken care of?
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I know with dogs people give their show pups to other breeders they know sometimes. But I havnt heardof them giving them away to strangers.
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I do know of people that have given a cat to some one if it was shown, it get's a cat with their name on it out there but they may not have had the time or room to show it, so if some one else is then it representing their cattery, and things like that, and most people that go to shows are cat people, but you never know, I wouldn't be just giving away kittens to any one walking by, and I would charge a fee too (most likely, but I would advertise a fee, even if I dropped it after deciding on some one.) I don't think I would be comfortable just giving them away at a cat show. That is just me though, they would have questioned you more and made a decision based on what they thought of how you would be with their kitten, if you had wanted it, so if after talking with you, they didn't feel it was the best match they would say so, I would hope they wouldn't have just given it no questions asked, especially if the deal was to show.
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Since I am the only Aby breeder in this here parts, I would only offer (if at all) a cat to someone I would really, really trust!!! After all, these are my children and they absolutely must go to the best home (show or no) possible!
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I agree with the others - I would not GIVE a cat to a stranger if the stranger would show it. I might give one to a close friend that really was into showing a lot.

Seems strange to me. If you want to private message me about it, please do so. IMO I think you might have mentioned it to the show manager. In any association its not allowed to give kittens away in the show hall - sometimes they even have a minimum price (like $75). Even the shelter cats have their fee.

Now if you are delivering a kitten at the show to someone, that's different. But you don't come up to a person and say "you can have this kitten for free if you show it". That's just weird - especially since the kitten won ribbons.

I'd still be suspicious if you had been looking at their kittens and they said that, but to come up to you????? No that's not right.
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Well, I was looking at their kittens when they offered, but I was just looking, like I was at all the other exhibits. I guess they took it the wrong way. :shrug: He was gorgeous, though... I wish I could have taken him home!
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Private message me Godiva with details please - now you got me curious
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Originally Posted by Godiva View Post
Well, I was looking at their kittens when they offered, but I was just looking, like I was at all the other exhibits. I guess they took it the wrong way. :shrug: He was gorgeous, though... I wish I could have taken him home!
It does sound very irregular, but maybe they instinctively trusted you - as cat people, they can be unusually highly intuitive I have relied upon my instincts in various situations, and have been right on target - some people tell me I have a "sixth sense" but IMO, it's just being in tuned to cats has honed my "non-verbal" communication skills. The kitten would have been fortunate, indeed, to become part of your clan!
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Aw, thanks!

The little guy would indeed have a good life with me... too bad I couldn't take him! I'm sure the couple that offered me him had the kitten's best interests in mind, and I'm sure they would have asked more questions if I had actually taken them up on the offer. I would most likely trust most other exhibitors at a cat show, too.
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