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The only TV we really watch around here is House and Lost...and I watch Americas Next Top Model and Project Runway when its on. We don't tend to watch a lot of TV though.
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I'm sitting here with my mouth open. How do some of you find the time to watch so many shows? And post here, too?
Other than news, I like Law and Order, L&O:SVU, and CSI (the original). I don't watch much of anything else, but really miss Third Watch, too.
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Gray's Anatomy
The Apprentice (sometimes)
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The Shield
CSI Miami
Ugly Betty
Gray's Anatomy
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Battlestar Galactica
Keeping Up Appearances
Fawlty Towers
Anything on TVLand, BBCC or Dejavue :P
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I am not a "big" tv fanatic, but I do watch some shows occasionally. I love Extreme Makeover-Home Edition, I also watch Animal Planet alot.........and now that American Idol has started, I am trying to keep up with that as well.
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I love Lost.
But I also watch NCIS, CSI-vegas, House, Heros, Americas next top model and some others.

I wish they would bring back Buffy the Vampire slayer, Firefly and thing like that, I like to watch tv as an escape frome reality
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