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I recently adopted a stray cat who is very loving and affectionate. I've noticed that she will start licking my sleeve on my shirts either when I have them on or if they are lying on the bed. Also I have woken up in the middle of the night to a strange sound and come to find her licking my pillow case!! Can anyone explain this strange behaviour???
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hehehe sounds to me like she is "nursing, suckling" whichever you would like to call it. Look at it this way, she relaly really likes you and is very comfortable. A cat will purr anytime but they only lick who and when they want so feel very blessed. She is licking items even when you dont have them on because they smell like you. You have a vert attached girl.
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I must be, but I knew she was special when she came wandering in our yard! I had never seen such a friendly little kitty that had been out. I am not sure if she was owned by someone, but the weekend I wanted to take her to the shelter, someone put a collar on her without any tags, and that just made me angry because if someone did own her, they were not taking care of her as they should. I didn't want to see her suffer anymore so I took her to shelter to get her checked out until I could convince my mom to let me take her in and all checked out beforehand.
Anyway, she is soo spoiled now! She is affectionate, but without overdoing it. She will go to anyone and never bites. She is a sweetie.
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Probably your cat is either very young...or was removed from her/his mother too soon? I'll trade you this behavior for some of Dulcinea's habits any day! Try cleaning up spilled water and food everyday! LOL I think the real answer is---they are CATS...and cats seem to do the darnest things...just because they are cats. Good luck.

fr. gregg
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