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Goodbye Abby

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My first parrot rescue.
When I was first approached about adopting this girl, I was warned that she was a biter and a screamer.
I honestly didn't want her.
But she was quiet while I visited and crawled straight up my arm and hid herself in my hair.
She wanted me.
I'm glad we had each other for the past 7 years, I miss her terribly.

Fly free my green chicken, forget the abuse you suffered in your early life and remember only the loving care you recieved from those who knew and loved you.
Tell Peanut I miss her too.

Abby Green Chicken
April 1994 -January 2007

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awwwww how gorgeous

RIP Abby - fly high through the clouds
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Ah what a cutie Abby was.
RIP Sweet Baby and Fly like crazy all over the Bridge
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Oh I'm so sorry about Abby
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I'm sorry to hear that Abby has passed

RIP beautiful girl
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Rest in Peace Abby. So glad you were able to find love in this world.
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I am so sorry about Abby, I am sending prayers from Mississippi for you.
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Ohhhhh Im so sorry to read this, Arlyn. Rest in Peace, Abby, you beautiful baby.
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Again, thank you all, it really means a lot.
Since the ground here is quite frozen, we will be taking her into the mountains tomorrow and burning her.
I think she'd be happy up there.
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fly free lovely little lady!

I'm sorry that she has passed on.
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Im so sorry. She was very pretty.
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oh, I'm so sorrry you lost her, Arlyn, she is beautiful! RIP Abby
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Oh am I sorry to hear about Abby Shes a beautiful bird and she will fly high in those mountains
RIP Abby, fly, and swoop and enjoy the skies
look down now and then, the love from below will always be there
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I'm so sorry I was hoping she would pull through.

RIP Abby.
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RIP Abby
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Im very very sorry Aryln.......
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Aw, Arlyn I'm so sorry. Poor Abby, rest in peace beautiful green chicken Fly free of pain
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I'm so sorry you lost your beautiful Abby! Fly happily over the bridge and soar through the skies, sweetie!
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace Abby.
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Abby is so beautiful. I'm so sorry for your loss, may she rest in peace.
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