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This cat is too funny!

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Ming Loy was literally a throw-away (plastic bag and all), and apparently her mom was very ill while pregnant. The result is Ming Loy and her Sister (originally named Neuro and Logic - one of the vet techs adopted Logic). She's handicapped - her back half doesn't work very well, and she walks with her front legs held rather stiffly. She shakes - and the more excited she gets, the more she shakes. She can't jump, but she can climb pretty well (getting down is a different story, though now that she's grown up she doesn't climb higher than she get down from). The bottom line is that she looks like a drunk with Parkinson's that marches military style. It really is just too cute - and it doesn't bother her at all (except when chasing Flowerbelle up a cat tree), and she's not in any pain.

She and Flowerbelle are like opposite twins - both have small frames, but Flowerbelle's white and Ming Loy is black.

But she LOVES food, and we have to watch her like a hawk or she gains too much weight - despite giving her extra play time, she just doesn't get as much exercise as the others. The cats free feed on dry food, but we feed them a wet meal of dinner every night.

Ming Loy always finishes her food before anyone else - and then she'll kind of creep up on one of the other cats - and stick her paw out - and pull their bowl over an inch or so while looking at them like - "you going to stop me?". If they don't bat at her - she'll stick her paw out, and pull the bowl over the rest of the way.

To see this "little" 8-pound kitty stealing the food from Lazlo or Shelly - who have really large frames and are thin at 14 pounds - is just too funny. I really ought to take a video of this - - because it's the highlight of our evening feeding.
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Aww! She sounds precious! I'd love to see pics!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
Aww! She sounds precious! I'd love to see pics!
Yes, she does sound precious!!!
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Awwww...Ming Loy sounds like such a doll! A very clever doll at that!
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What a little stinker! It's the little ones you have to watch out for.
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She sounds funny. Too bad you couldnt upload a movie of her trying to take the other kitties food.
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