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Cat not talking

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I adopted a stray that was hanging around about half a year ago. She was starving, her health was a joke, but she was the most tender, friendly, and lovable stray cat I've seen. She is so sweet and affectionate. The only problem is that she doesn't talk very often. Days, even weeks can go by without a sound coming out of her. The only time she really vocalizes is when her food bowl is empty and she's hungry. She sure lets you know! Anyone have any ideas why she is so quiet?? I know it could just be her personality, but am still curious.
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Many cats don't talk. And ferals, for the most part, are "taught" by their mums not to speak. If she was born without human guardians, it is verly likely that she was taught not to speak. Otherwise, it's probably just a genetic or exposure thing.

Our cats are all feral rescues. None of them spoke - until Flowerbelle came home. She is deaf, and apparently can't hear herself. She didn't spend enough time with her mom to have learned not to speak - she was quite young when rescued. Once she started meowing for attention, for food, for whatever, very slowly the others started meowing too - and they sounded like they'd never used their voices. A couple of big male cats with these squeaky little voices, lol!

Now, all six are talking. We were happier when Lazlo didn't wake us up at 4:00 am looking for pets with a meow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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to stop them from waking you at 4am you could feed them before you go to bed.
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Ferals don't make noise because that lets predators know where they are, the same reason why they use a litter box and cover everything so well, again predators can't smell them.

Pru didn't have a voice for the longest time and then one night I heard a squeak/screech sound. I didn't recognize it as a cat sound at first and then I realized it was Pru. The DH said it sounded like she was practicing how to meow. Now she makes a pretty passable meow sound, but she is still pretty quiet. I hear her chirping at night when she is playing. And yes she still is nocturnal.

Ferals progress so slowly, it makes you appreciate any step forward that they take.

Your little girl will talk more as she gets comfortable and trusts you more each day. Enjoy.
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