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PetSmart Pet Hotel

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Has anyone used the PetSmart pet hotels? Our 3 are booked in there on Thursday for the day because our carpets are being cleaned.

It's only a day so I'm sure they'll be absolutely fine, but any recommendations? Should I take their own toys? Food? Beds?? Will they have plenty of things there or should I have their own things so they don't stress out too much?

It's going to be fun trying to catch Lily in the morning...
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coming from a mom who puts in a chewy and a bed plus toy just to go to the vet or groomer I say yeah take them
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I never have, but good luck Sarah!!
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I havent never taken mine, but I would say definitely take things that belong to them to make it the least stressed as possible.
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Ok, so I took them in this morning. What a drama!!!

Lily was so freaked out and did NOT want to to go in a carrier. And we only have the cardboard carriers because we rarely need them. She kept breaking out of it before we could get it fully closed.

Then Stumpy who was in hers was also freaking out because Lily was yowling and getting very upset - so Stumpy managed to tear the lid of her carrier and escape (in our bedroom).

After about the 7th or 8th go we finally got Lily in and got the lid down, and Stumpy who had escaped was frantically crawling over Lily's box trying to get to her because she was just yowwwwwling.

This whole time Smudge is in her box, sitting quietly, not making a noise....

So we had to put Smudge in the box Stumpy broke (since she's not an escaper), and then put Stumpy in Smudge's box.

Then just as we get downstairs with them all, the guys doing the carpet cleaning turned on the machines.

So we yelled to them to turn it off because they'd al started going nutso in their carriers, then raced out the car with the kitties. PHEW!

Then at PetSmart, they took nearly 40 minutes to process us!!!! I mean REALLY! We're only staying for the day! They weren't busy or anything, they were just super slow!

Sigh. It's all done now and we'll go collect them tonight. And I'll get some decent cat carriers at lunchtime....
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Oh my gosh! What a morning!

At least they're there now and safe and sound. You'll have your babies back tonight.
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Oh my, what a process you had to go thru!!
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