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Ok we have done introductions and everything Bella just looks at tessa and blue, and blue loves to travel to my room, and Bella is like OK whatever u kno, and bella was with Tessa for most part of the time they were out earlier ! So that was all well and done, now though Stormie who grew up in a house full of cats and got fixed on the 3rd seems like she didnt get "more mellow" from it she got mean it seems, and I dont know what to do ! She keeps hissing and growling at everyone except for Bella and sometimes even at Bella for no reason ! And shes never gone after the dogs and well I was holding her and she jumped out and got the dogs in their noses and they didnt even do anythin well of course after that cooca wanted to play lol. But Blue thinks stormie is playing and tries to "hang" by her and all Stormie does is hiss and growl at her and swat just like she does when she plays with Bella but with hissing and growling, and I just dont know what to do. Stormie was never like this and we followed the instructions for the introduction and everything, and mind u Stormie is only a month younger then Blue! Bella who is miss queen bee could care less as long as she is getting her lovin then its all good mind u all of the animals are fixed, but most of the time stormie doesnt even try to sniff them or anything she just is mean and starts growling, and since shes gotten fixed she is also sticken her paws in the other animals cages (guniea pigs and bunni) mind u they were here first! I've never had a cat react this way after getting fixed, and it is worrying me ! Also what can I do to stop this from happening, I dont want to have to keep her in my room ALL THE TIME u know what I mean, and the fact that she is so playful u would of thought she would get along with Blue, Tessa just does her own thing, but Blue here is convinced I think that they are playing and well Stormie is scared of the water bottle (I just have to shake it and thats it) but is there anything else I could try, I also have rubbed their scents all around like Blue and Tessa they lay on my robe, and well so does stormie but like I said stormie doesnt even try to smell them or anything, any one know whats goin on or went thru the same thing?? It just seems like we got spayed and well we went nutty, and shes not even a cuddle bug anymore she rarely did it before the spay and then after it it was like uh ya wat do u want, I am just so lost at her personality these days ! She is hissing and growling all the time but when blue is out in the hallway or at my door Stormie meows at me to open it up I am soo confused !!!