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Tomorrows the big day.........

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...that they announce the layoffs at work. They said two weeks ago that Friday, 9/20 was the day that people would be told.

Mike and I both work for the same company , so we feel like we have twice as much chance of being affected as everyone else!

And not to mention that we put money down to hold a lot for a new house a week ago...needless to say we called and asked for the money back until we know what happens tomorrow.

We have been dreading this day for 2 weeks now...but it's almost here. I guess worrying about it won't change anything, but I can't seem to have that "oh well" attitude that alot of people at work seem to have (or want me to think they have anyway).

Hopefully, this time tomorrow night, we both will still be gainfully employed.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!
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Carla, you and Mike will definitely be in my thoughts. I hope for the best for you both. As for the "oh well" people, chalk them up to good actors.

Gosh, things are tough all over. Two of the guys here just got laid off this afternoon (this is a company of about 20 employees total). No warning or anything. Just really puts a damper on the whole day.

I'll keep the positive energy coming your way.
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Oh Carla!!! I just said a prayer for you and Mike not to be laid off...I know how scary that is!!!! I have never been laid off, but in the 13 years I have been at my job, there have been several times that "layoff" day was announced, and I feared the worst...it is horrible not knowing! But I made it, and so will you!!! Just keep thinking positive!!! I will be thinking about you all day tomorrow and check in tomorrow night to see how everything went!!!!!!
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Valan and Deb...thanks so much for the thoughts and prayers. They are appreciated so much!

You know I feel like even if we DO make it through tomorrow, I still dread going in there. I have been with this company for 13 years and I have so many friends there...it is inevitable that one of my friends will probably be laid off.

It is tough all over...this is happening in every company all over the world. One of our biggest accounts, Nortel, just laid off 7000 employees in the last month, which I am sure had something to do with CSC doing another layoff (we just had one in March).

Well, even if one of us ends up being laid off...at least we have each other, our family and friends, and Jedi.

And I have all my wonderful new friends here!!!

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Thinking of you, Carla mate.
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Hope it turns out well for you Carla You are in my thoughts
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Please come back here tonight and tell us you are both still employed with that company! I can't imagine having to worry about this. I hope you will BOTH be OK!
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Well...I am happy to say that Mike and I BOTH made it through the layoff today!

Regretfully, several people whom I have worked with for many years were not so fortunate, so the day was still rather depressing.

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes and kind thoughts and words. It made me feel a little better when I woke up this morning to know that I had so many people sending positive energy our way.

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WHEW>>>>>>>>I am glad that you made it thru!
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Carla, that is GREAT news!!!!!! I am so glad to hear neither of you were layed off!!! That must be such a weight off your shoulders!!!! I'm sure it was hard seeing some of your friends laid off, though. I remember when they had abig layoff where I work about 10 years ago, and they handed out envelopes to everyone and inside it would tell you if you were laid off or not. My friend took hers into the bathroom, and couldn't open it. She finally gave it to me to open for her. I then had to tell her that she was laid off. I felt so bad for her and she was in tears.
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Yay Carla. As I read the beginning of your post, I was sad and said a few prayers for you. The I got to your last post and cheered! Boy....trying to catch up on the threads that I have missed is such an emotional roller-coaster ride! I am sooooo glad this had a happy ending!
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I'm so glad neither of you were cut. I understand about it still being a depressing day, though. After the two guys were laid off on Thursday afternoon, the bosses didn't bother telling anyone so most of the people didn't find out until Friday morning when they saw the workstations cleared out. It made for two pretty difficult days, impossible to concentrate on anything remotely related to work.

I know the decisions were already made, but I think the Board Magic worked again, even if it was just to help you make it through the day.
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Hoorah for you!! Must be SUCH a relief
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Glad you are safe Carla! I hope that it stays that way!
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Great news, Carla. You'll still be able to spend all your money on your furbabies! Phew!
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Great news!!!

Keep looking busy!
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Thanks so much to everyone for their words of encouragement. It means alot!
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