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Pregnant stray foster cat :)

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Hello everyone! This is my first post. Let me introduce myself. My name is Katie. I am 24 and I live in Baltimore, MD. I have 2 cats named Petey and Max. Petey is a 1-year-old gray/white DMH shelter cat. Max is a 2-year-old gray/white very fat DMH shelter cat. I am currently fostering 2 cats through Homeward Trails, a DC-based rescue group ( Star is a 2-year-old black/white former stray who will be going to her forever home next week. Alice is a 1 and a half year old stray who found us last week. She is in good health (except for ear mites) and she is approximately 6 weeks pregnant.

I wanted to start this post so that I might post questions here about Alice's pregnancy. I also thought I'd keep everyone updated about her and the babies she eventually has, because I know everyone loves kittens! I have never had a pregnant cat before (all of my cats have been shelter cats who were altered), so I am freaking out a tiny bit. I am excited, but very nervous. So let's start with today's questions.

Has anyone ever had a pregnant cat with ear mites? Our vet recommended Revolution, because it is approved for pregnant females. Unfortunately, it is much more expensive than Acarexx, which is what our foster group uses, but this drug is not approved for pregnant cats. Has anyone ever tried something else? I want to make sure the mites are gone before her babies are born so they don't contract them.

What should I be feeding her? I am committed to feeding high quality food without by-products (that means no Friskies, Whiskas, etc). She seems to be VERY picky. I've tried 4 dry foods (California Naturals, a mystery kind from the rescue group, EVO Kitten and Purina Naturals). She will only eat the Purina. We've tried 4 canned foods, and she'll only sort of eat the EVO kitten wet food. Anyone have any advice on how to get some nutrition into her?

Thanks for all the advice I'm sure everyone will offer. I'm very excited to be a member here, and I'm very excited to keep you all up to date on Alice and her little ones! Pictures to come as soon as I get them hosted somewhere.
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KatiesCats...welcome to TCS. We are always glad to help someone who is fostering a cat that would otherwise not have a home.

My previous fosters never had I wouldn't be able to tell you what other medication to use other than what your vet is recommending. Perhaps another poster can give you advice on that topic.

I did not have any issues with my fosters eating wet food....but each cat is different. I used the sophicats for was inexpensive and gave a good variety of flavors.

As a new foster mom to a pregnant cat...I would highly recommend that you read through this thread:

Now is probably a good time to prepare her room. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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Here are some pictures; I hope they work!

This is Petey, the clown:

These are my two boys, Petey and Max:

This is Star, the black/white foster cat who will be going home next week;

And this is Alice, our pregnant stray:

I hope this works; I've never done html before
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Welcome to the site! You'll find lots of helpful advice here. She's going to have pretty babies! And your other cats are very cute too... I have a black and white cat as well.

I'd definitely recommend looking through the post TNR1 gave you. Since you're already in contact with a vet, I would just take his/her advice. I've never dealt with ear mites before, so I have no idea.

As for food, the wet should be enough... just be sure to feed her everything she can eat. Sneakers (a cat of mine that had kittens) ate ravenously during and after her pregnancy, so don't be alarmed if she eats several cans a day. Some people recommend adding a vitamin supplement during pregnancy as well.
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Oh!!!Brilliant more Tcs kitties

Hello Katie and Welcome to Tcs

Alot of rescues do use the same treatments for earmites on kittens that they do on
fully grown cats and that is just because it is cheaper for them,but not necessarily safer.

PLEASE don't use any treatment not specifically produced for use on kittens.

I think regarding what she will eat,I would give her what she will take,some cats go off
their food,They seem to know??almost like humans get cravings,but she needs to keep her strength up,so whatever she likes let her have it,as long as she's eating and
as long as it's not too dry for her.If she'll only eat dry,try soaking it in warm boiled water first.
I'm sure we will all look forward to the kittie pics Katie
Here is a link to a photo host

and If you need any advice please don't hesitate to pm me or E-mail me,my E-mail is in my profile

Good luck Katie
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Oh and our pregnant kittie is a Tortie!!!! Welcome, welcome. You will find lots of people here who are willing to help.

When I thought one of my cats was pregnant, I fed her Kitten Chow to keep lots of protein coming in to help the kitten's bones grow strong. Make sure she has plenty of water and hugs.

Why is the earmite stuff that your unit uses not good for pregnant cats? I honestly didn't think there was that much difference in earmite medication.

Anyway, welcome again and happy headbuts and soooothing licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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welcome to the cat site, well ur babies are gorgeous, and the new foster is such a cutie, both fosters are ! This place is great for information and meeting other cat lovers !! !!!! I also would recomend reading the link that TNR1 gave u !!!! keep us updated on the kitties ecspecially Alice's pregnancy and everything !!! Sorry I can be of no help, except for recommending what TNR1 sent u, and also everyone else has good points and facts and everything !!! Cats tend to be picky sometimes about food so give her what she likes !!!!!
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and welcome to TCS!

Here's what you do about the earmites...clean both ears carefully with baby oil (mineral oil) which will do two things, a. Not harm the ear and b. drown the ear mites. After cleaning, a good pinch of boric acid powder in each ear. Massage the ear carefully. Mom cat will shake her ears like mad and the boric acid powder will fly away, be ready to sweep up after her! After 2 days, use a normal ear cleaner (I use eariffic) and clean the ear again. If ear mites persist after a week, repeat the whole process again!
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Welcome to the family, what GORGEOUS kitties. As you can see someone will be able to offer advice if the rest of us cant. so never hestiate to ask. Your kitties are absolutely grogeous. Cant wait to see the torti's babies, i am a sucker for torties
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Thanks for all the help so far, everyone! Alice is doing well. I took a picture of her big fat 6-week belly today:

She is so skinny in her legs and her tail, but her belly looks HUGE to me! Since the vet said she's about a year and a half to two years old, I'm sure that this is not her first litter. I'm hoping it's not gigantic, because we've got to find all these babies homes!

I am going to try cleaning her ears out tonight; I hope it doesn't upset her too much. She loves to be pet, but she does NOT like being picked up or held.

I read that in the last trimester (last 3 weeks), the fetuses grow rapidly. I feel like she's huge already; did anyone have a cat who just got huge while she was pregnant? I feel bad for her; she's so big.

Right now, her stomach just feels big and kinda hard. Will I be able to feel the individual kittens eventually? I'm sure I won't be able to count them, but I am curious as to when they'll start moving. Thanks again to everyone who's offered advice here; I'm going to need it!

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Alice is getting very vocal, and she wasn't before. We've had her in the bathroom alone, but we spend at least an hour a day in there with her, if not much more. She used to cry when we weren't there, but now she cries loudly even when we are right next to her, and she digs at the door. The vet says she's only at 6 weeks, so I don't think this is labor, but it's quite a change in behavior.
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Aw, she is beautiful. We took in a pregnant stray who was also a tortie (longhair) She had a wonderful mix of beautiful kittens (8 in all, LOL)

I agree with the mineral oil idea. Yes, pretty soon you will feel lots of movement, I could never count them though. So exciting, good luck with the delivery!

Btw, I am in love with Petey! What a doll face!
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I just felt the babies moving for the first time!!! The cat woke me up with her crying, and when I went into the bathroom to pet her, she let me rest a hand on her big fat belly. AMAZING!
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