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Trout puts random holes in my clothing..she loves to hang out in the closet when its open
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I often tell Zissou "We just can't have nice things, can we?" She's about as graceful as her mama, that is, not at all. She chews on any furniture. She decided that my miniature Christmas tree was certainly not to have any ornaments, that my desk chair would be much prettier if she chewed the armrests a while, that the carpet would be much better if some of it were ripped up, and that the blinds would work better if she gnawed, pawed, and fought a cat-door-sized hole in them.
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
The wallpaper in our living room when we lived in Cambridge... what was Oberon thinking?
Me too - wallpaper. The cat condo I have goes to the ceiling and Pebbles is the only one allowed on the top seat (her law). So now she has taken up peeling the wallpaper from the walls in the dining room from her throne. I guess it's ok though cause I liked the wallpaper, but my mother and grandmother never have and have told me it needs to come down. So I guess it's coming down.
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Wilbur chewed through two sets of computer speaker wires (which required me to replace the entire speaker set), plus he chewed through the wires to two cordless telephones.
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Nothing really valuable, but several sentimental Christmas ornaments turned to dust this past Christmas--one I had for 20 years. They also kept stealing the small, stuffed elephant ornament, which was given to me in 1983 by my Laotian students, to whom I taught English (the elephant is a symbol on the flag of Laos). Luckily, Elly is still intact!

They managed to break two lovely red glass hurricane candle holders I loved (it was a set of three), too. (Christmas was ugly this year...)

My Little Miss does like to steal jewelry, somewhat valuable stuff, but, luckily nothing has been broken...yet...:-)

Every once in awhile, we will be awakened by the sound of glass crashing downstairs!

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alex's warhammer. little plastic models that cost heaps. Button's likes to pretend he's a giant and swat them around, bite them and crush them.
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Wow! It is/was a beautiful dining set, and I love the tile on the floor.

We can't have any leather/vinyl upholstery aound our guys; nor wicker; they've destroyed numerous items made of this stuff. (And a fabric-covered armchair that I only had, brand new, for about 6 months.)

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Originally Posted by CommonOddity042 View Post
Aye. I have no idea where they've dragged it off to. :/
Check under the couch... Seems to be where everything else ends up.

Mine haven't destroyed anything of too much value... Other then a few phone cords.
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