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Most valuable thing destroyed by cats?

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Tilly, who is incidently for sale to the highest bidder got spooked while standing next to the computer monitor. One claw puncture makes ALOT of damage We've just replaced it to the tune of £150 or $300
We're hoping to get a couple of quid for her to go towards the cost
Make me feel less like selling her as a rat catcher/ fish bait and share!
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Brandon's mom had a friend of hers paint a Christmas ornament ball for us for Christmas one year. It was really cute. She painted Brandon and I as snowpeople with Purdue hats and scarves. When I used to take Scotty over to Brandon's place (I was moving in across the street soon and I wanted Scotty to get used to the layout), he used to climb everywhere when we'd leave.

Well, Brandon had the ornament hanging on a hook on top of his desk. I said, "You might want to put that away while we're gone." He said, "No no, it'll be fine."

Yeah, it was in pieces when we got back. He knocked it off the desk and it hit the window sill on its way down.

The woman painted another, but it wasn't the same.
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Aww poor Tilly, she was only doing what's natural for cats.

The most expensive thing my cats past and present destroyed was a fush tank filled with tropical fish. Smokey steped on the thermostat and boiled the fish to death.
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My sanity.
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Louie has accidentally knocked my sterling silver picture frames off of the top of my entertainment center (way taller than my head....), breaking all of the glass in them.... also, my dad got me these "ornaments" from Africa that are balls that are animals, one is an elephant rounded, a zebra, a giraffe, a lion....I had them on holders on top of my tv.....yeah, the elephant one broke into 1000 pieces..... I wasn't too mad cause I know it wasn't malicious, but I wasn't happy it was broken. Oh, and yes, it was definately Louie, I had LuckyGirl for 6 months, and she was always on top of the entertainment center, and never broke 1 thing ever.
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Originally Posted by CommonOddity042 View Post
My sanity.
Yours too?
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Ack i've just had my leather sofas 3 months and Sophies caught one of them with her claws a couple of times.
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We have a couple of arm chairs in tatters, but I think #1 is the organ. We had it covered but someone uncovered it and ruined it somehow.
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Tall colored glass candleholders that we got as a wedding present.
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Nothing to valuable yet! Some nice candle holders and some sentimenal dishes have been knocked off the counter. But that is about it.
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My grandmothers vase... My own fault for leaving it where he could get to it though.
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Cheeky Tilly.

Ages ago Max and Billy were charging around the house and Billy decided to try and pull himself up the cabinet by holding onto a mat. The only problem was that it had a nice big glass fruit bowl on the top. And you can guess where that ended up. In the bin!! It fell off and smashed

It was a present to my mum and dad for the wedding I think. So over 16years at least....plus the rest
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Oh theres been quite a few things that Kahu has destroyed. I have learned not to leave valuables out.
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The wallpaper in our living room when we lived in Cambridge... what was Oberon thinking?

Cheers, from
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Originally Posted by crittermom View Post
Yours too?
Aye. I have no idea where they've dragged it off to. :/
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Ack i've just had my leather sofas 3 months and Sophies caught one of them with her claws a couple of times.
yep same here, trouble is not so sure which little monkey did it but the smallest and cutest is up for questioning

Miss Moofs knocked a swarowksi figurine flying across the lounge Funny how things like that always end up 3 miles away from where they started DH suggested glueing it yeah right...............
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A Victoria dressing table dish. Survived from the 1890's till my cats knocked it off the table and smashed it into a million pieces.
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A stunning antique crystal lamp my mom has had forever (it was a pair...so now there's just one) Abbie was chasing Velvet- and Velvet zoomed onto the little table in the living room and knocked it over.....it shattered into a million little pieces
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I have a $1600 scratching post that used to be a tapestry covered wing chair and ottoman. I'm going to have it re-upholstered in a more durable fabric!!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
I have a $1600 scratching post that used to be a tapestry covered wing chair and ottoman. I'm going to have it re-upholstered in a more durable fabric!!
Bless your heart Might I suggest Soft Claws
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At this point its not going to make any difference!! Another cat started the damage and Bakker finished it off!! The ottoman is worse than the chair as I've positioned the chair to disguise part of the damage!!
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Only a few months after we got Wonton, he gnawed on my (then only a few months old itself) Vaio laptop. The screen, specifically. He didnt puncture it, but it's got three scratches on the left hand side. What posessed him to try to eat the monitor, I have no idea.

More recently, we bought a beautiful leather office chair for use as a chair for our computer desk. it was originally $600, marked down to $200...Wonton was running around one night due to the nightly crazies, and before I could yell no or grab him, he ran up the back of the chair and clawed onto the front part, lost grip with his hind feet, so all of his 16 lbs were hanging by the claws of his front feet. there are four puncture holes in the leather now. I"m hoping to get it repaired in a few months - the leather was perfect before that I may drape it with some kind of chair cover or something - although that kind of moots the point of having a nice leather chair :/

I'm not mad at him - he was just being a cat - but I am less than pleased at the situation in general, cos the chair was pretty new, and now it's got claw marks in it
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Bella and Sophia were chasing each other and knocked over a lamp and broke it but it was just funny I was not upset!
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Reilly destroyed the laminate flooring in my hallway by tearing it up and chewed through the USB cable for my computer
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the over skirt to my rennisance costume was completly shredded..it was full velvet and about 5lbs worth..little rats
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I had 2 female cats get into a pissing war with each other. Needless to say, by the time I got it under control, not only the carpet was ruined, but the 1884 original pine wood floors under them. Total cost to repair/replace? About $10,000. Yes, you read that right.
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Our couple of thousand dollar dining table. This is it in all it's glory

The cats have since run all over the leather chairs which are al scratched and now covered in ugly chair covers. They aren't allowed on the table, but they occasionally jump up there, and when they see us, they go racing off - and dig their claws in for extra traction. So the table is all scratched now as well and we have no choice but to constantly keep a table cloth on it.

They're cats, they have claws, but it's still such a shame to have our first major purchase as a married couple scratched up and not actually be able to show it
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Cats are just so bad

Mine used my brand new leather sectional sofa for a scratching post. They have also used different pieces of furniture as a spring board to jump somewhere else, leaving their back claws marks. Tino LOVES to use my throw rugs as scratching posts. God I love my baby's, as I type this Laura and Tino are shredding paper towels on the floor from where I was cleaning the TV screen.
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My mom bought a baby grand piano. It was fine until we got Scooter, who thought it was fun to jump on and slide off, scratching it all up. Now it's covered in doilies.

Jaden's scratched up our sofa, but not much damage was done before I got her the soft claws. Plus it was a goodwill find, so it wasn't a huge loss or anything.

My sister's cat decided he liked wood the best to scratch on. Her dining set (solid maple that my Mom gave her) is now scratched into unsightliness and banished to the basement. She replaced it was a metal and glass set.

My husband broke my hand-punched lampshade with a rolled up magazine trying to kill a fly. I yelled, "No! It's paper!" but it was too late.
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