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Fur Clumps

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I have a white cat, who loves to be outside for short amounts of time. It is during her outside visits that she loves to roll in dirt. Either she can't reach her back for bathing (she's avg. size) or she just doesn't want to. In any case, she has developed a large clump of fur on her back which I cannot brush out and she tries biting if I try to cut it off. Is there any advice out there for this kind of problem?
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Well, If she wont let you do it yourself, you need to enlist the help of someone to get it combed out or cut off. Have someone hold her and keep her still just long enough. If a matt stayes there too long, it can lead to some pretty bad skin infections.
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I also have a white cat (Jake) t some really bad matts from time to time, I normally catch them before they get outta control.

Sometimes I am unable to get them out and I hate trying to brush/cut them and putting him through pain so sometimes I get a groomer in and if she cannot do it....then i t is a trip to he vet where he is given a mild sedative and it is removed.

I think that sometimes if it is a bad knot then this can be better because otherwise Jake gets himself all worked up and distressed. At least at the vet he is so 'spaced out' he does not mind the knots being removed at all.
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Our cat Ebony had long hair and was constantly getting clumps even though he was an indoor cat. I simply waited until he was relaxed and set to work cutting out the clumps - and there were always lots of them. You have to be very careful though, his were sometimes right next to his soft, thin skin. Luckily I never cut him, and he seemed to really appreciate having his hair "fixed". I would brush him very well after the "clipping" session and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Sometimes I could only do it in stages because it could take up to an hour or more and that's a long time to expect a cat to stay put.

Good luck with your baby.
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