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Nutro & Online ordering

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Im feeding the kids Nutro which they love. Any good online places to purchase in bulk/cases?

Whats a releastic shelf life of canned cat food?
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all the cans have a best buy date... it is usually about two years from manufactur
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I order from petfooddirect.com. Once you order from them once, they email you coupons (I've seen up to 22% off) all the time!
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Perfect thanks, Their price on the kitten dry on sale is 25 for 20lb bag. Here its 19 for a 10lb bag which is very expensive and I can only get it at one place. Im ordering
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I don't know if they have nutro(can't access thier page from computer it turns off cause computer is slow) but I had to buy a wierd brand years ago and in comparing sites they had price breaks for shipping/case quanity. waggintails.com never ordered or even know if they are still around
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To bad you don't line in Michigan or Indiana. Family Farm & Home (a place by me) sells a 8lb bag for $13.99, and they sell the big bags cheap, too. If you want, I can give you their number and you can call and see if they'll ship out a bag of Nutro for ya. They have good prices. Next place I'd go would be petfooddirect.com, then petsmart.
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I get most of my pet food from either PetFoodDirect and PetCo.

I get coupons from both, but with PetCo they usually don't do free shipping or percentages off of food and litter although they often have some good prices. PetFoodDirect can sometimes be higher priced, but with their coupons it will often give you enough savings to cover the cost of shipping and more.

With either one, even though I get their coupons in email, I still google because there are often more and better ones out there if what I have doesn't suit me at the time.

Oh Yeah... PetFoodDirect carries most of the high quality foods one could want.
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I've used petfooddirect.com before for the Worlds Best Litter. It was better priced. But, for the Nutro, we go to Petsmart. It's more cost effective to just pick it up there. (About $25 for a 20 pound bag)
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Yea it seems the cans are about 10 cents cheaper each on line and a few bucks for the 20lb bag, but the dry food costs to much for shipping.

We have a new petsmart down the street but they didnt have any. Ill have to ask. Seems like most places dont have alot of the kitten stuff

Ill order the cans online and look around for the dry
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Happy Friday all, Just got back from petsmart and they got all their nutro stuff in stock and what a surprise...

20lb bag nutro kitten $25.00
3oz can .48
5.5 oz can .70

Much cheaper then even online and only a mile away

Nice, more toys for the kids..
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