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A New Cat in the Family

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Hi y'all

I just had to share this happy day.

As some of you might know, my mother lost her beloved cat about a month ago. She's been prevaricating about at new cat - didn't want to feel she was 'betraying' the memory of Maciek. Well - I've been telling her that she's got so much love to give to a cat that a rescue pet would be perfect.

Also as some you might know, I'm actively involved in my local Cats Protection, handling their marketing on a voluntary basis.

Well, one of my projects is to design and distribute lists of cats for rehoming to our local vets. One cat caught my eye.

Tiny is an 8 yr old long-haired tortie and white girl who is rather nervous and is looking for somebody to live with who has no kids, no other pets and is at home a lot. Well - that's my Mum. She's retired and is looking for a companion to lavish love on.

Tiny (now renamed Tanya), was collected today by myself and my Mum. She is (apart from my cats - and I'm a little biased here . . .), the most gorgeous cat I've ever clapped eyes on. Even her fosterer cried when we basketed her up.

We got her back to my mother's house, and she just went through the place like wildfire sniffing EVERYTHING.

I called tonight, and she's been lounging on the sofa and on my brother's bed (he lives there part-time) with my brother!

So much for nervous - he's a 6 foot 4 inch LOUD bloke!!

I'm so happy my Mum's has found another soul-mate in this kitty, even though it's early days I think it will work out. Maciek was her first cat (albeit a stray) and she was devoted to him.

So all in all a good day. Even despite the ever increasing arguements at home (aparently, I lost my job on PURPOSE to add further pressure onto my husband). Reckon that if you will.

And now to bed.
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Yola, that is a wonderful story! I am so glad that your Mum decided to get another kitty. I know that they will both benefit from the union.

Thanks for sharing this story with us! It made me smile.
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Good news for your Mum and for little Tanya. It sounds like she is purrectly at home at your mum's house, which is the best compliment a new kitty can give. It must have just been meant to be!
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Yola!!! What a great story of how your mother now has a new cat to love!!! Tanya sounds perfect for her!!!!! I want to see pictures!!!!! That is great!!!!!! :flash: I am sure they will bond and grow quite attached to each other in no time!

As far as hubby....I'm sorry to hear he thinks you lost your job just to make his life miserable. Isn't it funny how they can be so sweet one day then turn around and be such little #####'s the next!!! I will leave that word to your imagination! If you need to talk about it, we are here!!!!
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Oh Yola, what a wonderful thing to happen to your Mum. I hope all is going well with Tanya (Love that name for some reason??)

I'm sorry things aren't going as smoothly for you at home. I hate how stress can often bring out the worst in people. Hoping that things settle down a bit and you and hubby are OK.
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Yola thats great!!! A good job jobbed!!! I'm sure your Mum and little Tanya will spend many a happy year together

As for your hubby... well.... what can we say?? Sometimes guys are jerks!! :LOL: :LOL: (no offence guys, we women realise we have our moments too... just not as often!!! )
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Tanya spent last night sleeping on my brother's bed with him! I spoke to him today and I think he is truly smitten with her. He admits she's a real babe but realises that she needs lots of TLC as she is still very nervous and frightened of FEET. We all suspect she may have been kicked in the past? God forbid.

Hubbs is sweetness and light today - but, having lived with him for 9 years now I know that when he behaves like a dickhead it doesn't usually last much past a day or 2.

So - equalibrium has been restored and all is calm in Reading.


Off VERY early tomorrow (5 am - OMG) to Belgium for a business meeting and then LOTS of duty-free shopping at the Calais hypermarkets (I feel a Pinot Grigio spree coming)!!!

Early night then . . .
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Yola - what a woderful outcome for your mom as well as Tanya!
God bless evryone involved in this placement!!!!

Also glad that hubby realized the error of his ways....... (evil snicker here)
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What a great story Yola, I am happy for your Mum and Tanya they you gave them this opportunity
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