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Strange Things Your Cat Eats...

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my b/fs cat likes chicken chow mein or chicken balls from the local chinese take out...what does your like...

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Loppy, the cat we had growing up loved spaghetti sauce. Another cat, Wanda, liked any kind of sauce.
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Trent is pretty picky, but I found out the other day that he likes canalope, and he does like mashed potatoes but they don't like him. VERY stinky kitty and litterbox after the one time he ate the potatoes!

We call Ophelia our little piggy. :laughing2 She especially likes ranch dressing, most kinds of gravy (but nothing to do with beef), alfredo sauce (she yells at me if I save leftovers and don't let he lick the plate!), braunschweiger, and asperagus.
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Bugs has this weird thing for caramel pudding. He can be dead asleep and if I pop the top of a store bought pudding cup or take a homemade one out of the fridge, he snaps to instant attention.

Weird thing is... if I take chocolate out, he's not the least bit interested... must be a distinctive smell.
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Mr. Fitz loves Mandarin Oranges and Deer Jerky, he also likes to lick out the inside of my yogurt cup when I'm done.
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Someone once told me that cats can't taste sweet foods. But nobody told Snowball about this, if we eat anything sweet in front of him, he is beside himself with excitement wanting a taste of our food. He usually ends up being removed from the room instead.
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Cooper LOVES :

Cream of Mushroom Soup
Salt off of Pretzel Sticks
Spoon dipped in my Trix & Milk
Mac & Cheese (Yellow Cheese NOT White Cheese)
Eel Sauce
All kinds of ice cream

Ummm.... just to recap, Cooper LOVES people food - she MUST have a taste of everything we are eating!

Cooper DOES HATE :confused2:
Ginger Ale
Orange Juice

RULE: Don't forget to take the kitten out of the fridge when you close it! (she likes to jump in!)
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Socks likes a lot of things:
Kernal Corn
Corn on the cob
Creamed corn
green beans
dog food
rotisere chicken
kraft dinner

She's a freak.
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I haven't given Jedi anything but his kitten food and some Pounce treats. But he LOVES his Pounce Chicken flavored treats! I tried the shrimp and also the tuna flavor but he likes the chicken better so that's all I buy now.
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Lorie - no one told my kitties that either! They love ice cream (vanilla only, obviously), whipped cream, and frosting. Of course, they only get a couple finger dabs of these things, but that doesn't stop them from asking for more!!
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Boo will eat practically EVERYTHING, while Socks will hardly eat anything. We call Boo the garbage disposal kitty. :LOL: Her absolute favorite is yogurt. She can sense when we open one up and she will come running in from wherever she is and she jumps on my lap and rubs her head all over my arms and the yogurt container. She will purr loudly in my ear and try to get a lick until I finally give in and give her a spoonful. She also loves chicken, pork chops, ham and anything to do with meat! :laughing: Socks will shrink back and sometimes run away when we offer him food for some reason. Its really weird.
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Ours will eat just about anything! I have one that like to lick plastic bags. I have to keep an eye on her all the time.
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FROSTING!!!! (but not chocolate of course)

Everytime I bake a cake, Merlin sits patiently waiting for me to stick my finger in the container (AFTER I have frosted the cake of course! ) and I let him lick the frosting off my finger. he just loves it!!! He also likes popcorn, although he actually enjoys batting it around on the floor for awhile first! :laughing:

He LOVES hamburger, and ham amd chicken. And is also very fond of my mother-in-laws homemade noodles!!

Oh and Cheetos!!! ALL my cats (and the dogs) love Cheetos!!!
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It isn't my cats, but my friend had two cats who LOVED green olives! Bitten liked to play with his for a good while before eating it - they make very good kitty hockey-pucks on a linoleum floor! Dice was a hog, though, and as chop his olive as soon as he got it. Many times we would play kitty goalie to make sure Dice didn't steal Bitten's olive.
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My kitty Mimi loves her veggies! Her favorites are green Beans. My kitty Peppurr loves Mac & Cheese...My kitty Tigger loves oranges, bananas, and a whole bunch of other fruits Twinkles, Vader, and Majy will eat just about anything Spaz loves Smoky Bacon chips...The other 4 kitties are quite fussy...
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I know it's gross but Milo loves to eat those little lizard skink things that he captures and brings in from the garden. Although, more than once, he has let the skink go free and I'll be sitting on the loo, only to see this 'stick' move and run off. Thank god I was actually on the loo at the time! :LOL: :LOL:
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Well Bod will eat pretty much anything, actually, so do most of my kitties!!
They seem to like Baked Beans, Popcorn, Naan bread (especially Pashwari), peppers (?!?!?! Thats Monty only, I have no idea why he likes them!?!?) And of course anything dairy or meat!!

(oh and the latest is, of course, the dog food :tounge2: )
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Gweeky loves beans - all kinds.
Excalibur loves anything and everything.
They all love smoked chicken and pork.
Tuna of course is a given.
Don't forget cheesies and potato chips.
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Spike generally does not get people food at all. He does get a biteful of tuna when I make a sandwich, which he *loves*. He's such a patient little guy though. He waits while I open the can, and drain it, and empty it into a bowl.. then rinse it, and take it to the recycling bin... just looking and waiting, but he never tries to get it until it's given to him... he does meow now and then to remind me not to forget him though.

He also enjoys the drop of milk I give him on rare occasions.. go figure.

He also *loves* carpet fuzzies... I know it's not food, but he adores them. When he finds one, and he sees that I'm watching him, he sits on top of it so I can't remove it from his possession. :tounge2: He also licks plastic bags... I have to keep them put away. Weird little guy.
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Both kitties love any kind of "people" meat, though Chicken is the favorite above all, including tuna. Sheldon loves any kind of milk product: yogurt, cheese, butter, mayonnaise, etc. I don't find that weird. What I find weird is that Lazlo doesn't!

Shelly must ALWAYS stick his nose into whatever we're drinking. He loves green tea. He hates fizzy drinks - but always sticks his nose in anyway!

Lazlo loves lettuce and small bits of apple.

They both go nuts for grass, which we grow for them.

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Corky is definatly the garbage disposal cat in our family.

She loves baked bean juice, yoghurts, any type of sauce left on a plate for her to lick off, and the strangest one is chips.

She has on one occasion disappeared in and out of the cat flap and brought back warm chips from somwehere.

One of the women in my office has a cat who has not only managed to go get a fish from a neighbours pond, but also managed to get a whole chicken from the neighbours kitchen, when it had been left on the side to cool, she had a lot of apologising to do
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My mother-in-law's cats, which my wife and I watched for a year, loved those Goldfish crackers. I would feed them to the cats while I watched football.

Hey, my first post. Look at me go!!
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Alf likes cold tea with cow's milk, cold bottled water straight from the fridge, ice cream.

Ronnie loves cheese and flies.

Moogie used to eat anything - potatoes, tofu, curry sauce.

But the only fish they will eat has to come from a fish and chip shop - I've given them trout, salmon, tuna, prawns and they just turn their noses up at them - but the smell from fish and chips gets them so excited. Maybe it is the vinegar.
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Jesperi enjoys:
Black olives
potato chips

It seems like black olives are catnip to him!
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Yikes! Baked beans, potato chips, ice cream... Isn't that kind of stuff bad for cats? Aren't they supposed to be carnivorous? I mean, Wiggles clearly thinks he's been getting the short end of the stick when it comes to food, and I'd be happy to give him his own little portion of whatever we're having (especially if it would keep him from jumping up on the table to get ours) but I always assumed it would make him sick! Am I being needlessly cautious?

I'd especially like to know if cats like - and can safely eat - eggs. I try to cook only with egg whites, for health reasons, but I always feel guilty about all the yolks going down the drain.

(By the way, Wiggles likes to eat moths.)
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Joey likes Pringles and Cheez-Its.
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The only people food that I've given the cats has been a little roasted turkey breast. THAT was a big hit!

Both Opie and Rowdy catch flies and eat them. Moths are a favorite treat, too.
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Until yesterday, I thought Ivo really didn't like people food. I've tried chicken, roast beef, corned beef, cheese...She would take a taste or two and not want it ever again. But yesterday, I got red and green leaf lettuce from the West Side Market. While I was cleaning it and putting it away, I dropped some on the floor. The next thing I know, Ivo had her paws up on the sink cabinet, begging for more! I never thought to try lettuce!
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Why do cats enjoy bugs so much? LOL I have to cover my ears whenever one of my furbabies finds a bug. I just can't bear that crunching sound...
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Mely likes dried beans. The ones you buy from the store in a bag that have to be cooked for years...lol. If I drop any on the floor, there she is! Ninja likes flat Dr. Pepper. He only takes a few swallows though. The triplets (Heidi, Miney, and Bandit) like bird seed. Puma likes Cool Whip. The others (Maranda, Kinjo, and Lionheart) turn their noses up at human food. Although, when Kinjo was a kitten, he used to go nuts over cheese puffs. So nuts that he would growl at anyone who came anywhere near him...lol.
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