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Antibiotics making her sick...

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Me again!

Long story short, we started antibiotics and "Ensilyn" (I think that was it) vitamins for my cat on Friday night. She also had 4 pills of anti-inflammatory to take every 24hr for 4 days to break the fever. The fever has not returned since then but she gradually stopped eating.

She's drinking well (did the hydration tests and she`s perfectly fine) and her flu symptoms had decreased but this not eating thing is not good.

I noticed yesterday that she gags a little and especially when I managed to coax about 2 teaspoons of wet food into her.

I did call the vet, they recommanded I stop giving her her pills and I have an appointment to go in tonight.

I'm just wondering, are there alternatives to pills for antibiotics?

The poor thing is going through alot.
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fortiflora - probiotics.
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
fortiflora - probiotics.
I think you're doing the right thing by taking her back in to see the vet! I agree with the above though, to help put the good bacteria back in her digestive system. After Radar's surgery I got some special food from the vet (i/d I think it was?) which is gentle on the stomach and contains probiotics, I think it helped him because he was able to keep it down easily following his surgery and anaesthetic, when his stomach may not have been able to handle anything richer. You could ask your vet whether something like that would help.
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So these pro-biotics are in the food? I imagine we'd have to wait until she's actually eating to start up the antibiotics again?

As long as it's not in pill format... She's starting to really shy from us with all this temp-taking and pill shoving.

I'll definitely ask about it! Thanks.
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I'm just wondering, are there alternatives to pills for antibiotics?
There are antibiotics that come in liquid form. I usually only get liquids for kittens, because once the cat weighs more than a few pounds there's too much liquid in each dose to make it worthwhile for me. It can get messy if they need more than a dropperfull. Others' experiences may vary.

Good idea to go back to the vet, though.
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I've been calling the vet office everyday since Friday to give them reports and make sure we were on the right track. They'll be tired of me. Too bad.

I was trying to avoid having to take her back as I don't think the car rides do anything good for her stress but I also want to make sure she gets everything she needs.

Can't wait to see what the solution is...
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I always get liquid antibiotics for my cats.
The last one Lizzie had ( in November ) was pink and smelled like bubble gum. I think it may have been amoxicillen...I know that's spelled wrong...any way she loved it!
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They shouldn't have to keep her in at this point, should they? If her temps are normal and she's well hydrated?

I really think the poor thing is stressed out.

Bubble gum... Had no idea cats would be into that. Good to hear there's stuff out there she might actually like.
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She's not eating because she can't smell the food, if she's congested. Ask the vet for some Science Diet i/d. It's full of good vitamins and stuff and it stinks to high heaven when warmed up for just a few seconds! LOL Also, the vet can give you an appetite stimulant to feed her to increase her appetite. Definitely get the liquid antibiotics. So much easier to give!

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Originally Posted by stephanietx View Post
Ask the vet for some Science Diet i/d.
Thanks for confirming it, that's what Radar was on following his surgery. He wouldn't touch it when he was feeling better, but he scoffed it down when he was feeling rough after surgery
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May I please ask a question? Are you sure the antibiotics are the culprit and not the anti-inflammatory?

I will grant you that some antibiotics can make a cat sick, but usually some yogurt or something for their tummy makes them feel better.

I would be more concerned with the effect of the anti-inflammatory.
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She's not congested at all anymore and can definitely smell her food (actually, she kept eating even when she was REALLY congested) so I know that wasn't problem.

She had eaten by the time we got home yesterday!

It could be that it was the anti-inflammatory that was bothering her.

The vet last night said to quit everything for now and if her symptoms come back to try the antibiotics again.

She's MUCH better. She's back to her happy, cuddly & curious self. I'm thrilled.
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Good news!! Glad your baby's feeling better!!

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That's great news.
I'm so glad that she's feeling better.
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