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It'd be silly to laugh at that. I'd rather have a book than some chocolates...
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nope- because my entire family is constantly getting my sister kimmy everything coffee related for ever holiday. that's all she wants most of the time this year i got her some really nice gourmet coffee syrups, mugs and other things to go with it and everyone got her starbucks cards and coffee she was in heaven so no- i think it's a nice gift- and it's truly what you want and your hubby gets if for you- there's nothing wrong with that
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It shouldn't matter what other people think, if it's something you want or need then that's all that matters. Btw, chocolate is a great gift at ANY time! *drools*
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I wouldn't laugh I would by far rather have something I need then alway's something I want. I got a new over the stove Micowave for Chriatmas because I could think of a thing I really wanted, the oven I needed.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Whatever you want your gift to be IS a good gift

I agree with not playing to all the hype of Valentines Day, personally, roses don't last because Magnum smacks them around and they die shortly after (and I have no vases left because he has an obsession with trying to take the flowers out of them but he is less than graceful).
If a thermos is what you want then that is the best gift! i LOVE the mouse tablet and pen I got for xmas, but when I told my friends they all laughed and thought it was kinda sad.
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I think its fine! After all i got Lindt chocolate and Pirates 2 on dvd for christmas and thats WHAT i asked for.
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i can rant and rave about how material gifts are etc etc, but my heart melts everytime he gets me a cute gift or a bunch of flowers *sigh*
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I am all about practical gifts, too. I had looked at a great curling brush months ago, and I was so proud of my sweetie for remembering the exact one I wanted and got it for my last birthday.
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