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I have to say I am really enjoying this season. I loved the battle on the ship. It is great how they are carrying a storyline from week to week. I felt that they were missing that last year. I have a feeling that Rajin will be back in a future episode.
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Is no one talking Enterprise with me?

Didn't you find the Vulcans like very bad zombies from B-movies? That was just so sad, but T'Pol had an amazing part last night. Jolene Blablock is really developing as an actress!
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I FINALLY saw an episode this season! And I thought it was great. The action and the acting.
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I have been an avid Trek fan since the beginnings of TOS. (Yeah, I am old.) I have all of Trekdom on video, including the movies. I loved all of it through DS9 and even stood still for Voyager.......Trek's "Lost In Space", but I can not warm to Enterprise. I think it is because they have gone BACKWARDS in Trek lore but it is especially because they have fouled the Trek time line that it's predecessors were so careful not to tarnish. I still do not understand why they did not go ito the future with this series!! As ratings sagged they dragged in alien races....most notibly the Borg....who were not even heard of until the time of Picard's Enterprise!! Having T'Pol take off her shirt and adding more action will not save this series. I still watch but I don't like it. I think the producers and writers of this Trek series have done something no other Trek series before them were able to do.......kill off Star Trek!! I am sorry if this offends any of you, but I really think if they had just changed the setting to the future, then the series could have been a hit. Trekkers want to go forward not back, and the Trek time line would not have been violated because the future is open to anything.
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I am a lifelong Trek fan, like you, and I can agree with much of what you said. It bugs me too that the Trek timeline has been polluted. I watch it because I would watch just about anything Trek. Some of the episodes are good, but I don't really consider the show 'purist-Trek'. I guess the thing that attracts me to it the most is that it is not to far off in the maybe some real space travel is not too far off for us. Right now, it seems as if our space program is in the can, and too many don't see the importance of pursuing it the way I do.
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I also think the Enterprise cast, as a whole, is much better than the cast of Voyager. It was exciting having a woman captain on Voyager but the writers didn't seem to be able to stablize her character. They just weren't sure how to write her and it showed. Archer is a much stronger and much more likeable captain. And I think, had they taken this cast and pushed them into the future instead of the past, they would have thrived. I hope Enterprise runs at least five years, but I wouldn't put any money on it. I also hope this isn't the last of the Trek series.
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Well, I really enjoyed Voyager. I liked the cast and the storyline. I didn't care for their inclusion of Q in several episodes.....he was a TNG thing, IMO.

DS9 was the show that got on my nerves for awhile. There was a point where I stopped watching, and when I tried to pick back up, the episodes had become very connected, so that you couldn't keep up with what was going on if you missed some. But, in the end, I got back into it and got reacclimated. I really loved Worf and Jadzia. It was sad when she decided to leave the show and had to be killed off. I did NOT like Ezri Dax. To me, she did not fit in. And I was always a little on the Kira/Odo thing. I did end up having quite an attachment for some of the supporting players..... Quark's brother, Rom, for one.
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TNG and DS9 were my favorite two Trek series. You're right about DS9, it did start off slowly and didn't pick up speed until about season 3. After that there was a running story line about the Dominion that was almost like a serial and you did have to keep up. I've got DS9 on tape and am presently watching it again in order. I'm picking up on a few things I missed before.

If I were creating a Star Trek Series I would put it in the future about 100 years after Voyager. I like the idea of a Federation Space Station in Deep Space and a ship assigned to it. DS9 was built by the Cardassians so it was always dark and gloomy. I would like to see a bright and airy station built by the Federation with a civilian side and a Starfleet side and a Starfleet starship for missions. They could have other ships dock and use the starship for away missions. They'd have a lot of fodder for stories that way. Now why don't they hire me to create the next Trek series?
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Like that idea! You got Rick Berman's address?
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I taped it but have not had the chance to watch it yet, too busy @ work
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See, now there's the difference too! People use to MAKE time to watch the old Trek series. Now people record Enterprise and never get around to watching it. There's no passion for Trek any more.

No, I don't have Rick Berman's address and it wouldn't matter much anyway. The idea of Enterprise was not to appease old Trek fans like me but to generate a new group of fans for a new generation of Trekkers. Unfortunately, it's alienating some of the old time Trekkers and not hooking many new fans.
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Don't remember if anybody noted this but enterprise is in it's third season.
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Originally posted by spideycat
Don't remember if anybody noted this but enterprise is in it's third season.
I know - but we started using last seasons thread for some unknown reason!
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I didn't comment on last weeks episode because, well, I didn't really like it. But I did like the zombie makeup-it reminded me of Evil Ash from Evil Dead II.

I really liked this weeks episode. Hoshi's character is underutilized and I'm not sure the actress has a good grasp of the character. But I think she did very well in this episode. And I was trying to decide if the story was going to become a Blackbeard story ("Don't open that door!") or a Beauty and the Beast story. Hmm, there seems to be some kind of Halloweenish theme in the last two episodes.
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I find Hoshi a little wishywashy, but I enjoyed last night's episode. Maybe she has telepathic powers soon to be discovered as she was able to communicate with worm head (as I call him) and use his crystal.
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Hoshi's character has really grown since season one. I was pretty disgusted with her character the first season. Every time any thing happened she'd scream and melt into a puddle of goo. haha I'm hoping that they continue to develop her into a very strong, reliable crew member.
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Looks like tonight's episode may be a repeat due to the world series.
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I really love the Enterprise series - a bit shaky to start with but then what show isnt when its finding its feet etc. I have heard or read or something that the US network (is that right) who produce this are not going to renew. anyone know anything about this. maybe it is just that the channel who buy it for UK is not going to renew.
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Haven't heard that but now I will keep my eyes and ears open for any news!
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cheers ady
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UPN is the network that show Enterprise. I have heard nothing about cancelling Enterprise, to find more info on Enterprise go for all the latest about star trek movies and shows.
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Maybe its just a UK thing - they always seem to pull the stuff I like and leave all the dross (except for CSI which thank heavens is still going over here)
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What do you think about the "helpful" Xindi from this week's episode. My hubby keeps calling the reptilian one's Coolio because of their hair.
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ok - anyone else think last night's episode was odd?
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Yes, it was odd, since it really didn't have anything to do with the story arc this season per se. But I did think it was a nice quiet way to show how T'Pol feels for Archer. And I kinda liked seeing the crew a bit older.
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I like the softer T'Pol alot!
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I have one question tho-What was up with the outfit she was wearing in the "future"? Every time I saw it I thought "Hmmm, not very flattering for the bosoms".
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Trus - but sometimes maybe she just doesn't want to wear tight tops!

Why didn't the Xindi just kill Archer right away - how did they figure out about the parasites? They left too much to faith in that episode - it was a little weak!
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This week's t.v. guide says that Enterprise's ratings are still rather dismal and that the original Star Trek series ran 3 years (all the rest of the Star Trek series ran 7) but that Enterprise will be doing well to go one more than the original series. I still think it is the premise that is killing it.

Oh, and yes, last night's ep was strange but in some ways more interesting and more thought provoking than their standard fare has been.
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