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I felt so bad for Porthos! I love shows that feature the good doctor! I find him hilarious. I especially loved the chasing of the "bat".
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I enjoyed this episode. I get such a big kick out of the doctor. His combing his tongue was too funny and his HUGE grin at the end made me crack up!

And......didn't T'Pol have a twinkle in her eye as she was telling Archer not to apologize... perhaps she has these feelings as well!
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After missing 2 weeks of this show , I saw last night's. I was a little disappointed, especially after you guys all talked about last week's episode, and I missed it!

I do love Dr. Flox, as well, and all in all, it was a quiet, but good episode.
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Did anyone watch last week's show. It was really nice to see how much T'Pol trusts Archer and it was great watching her with indecision! I thought that Truck was hilarious putting off decisions, but using the Captain's mess.
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I had to dig deep to round up this thread, because I finally saw the repeat of the episode with the automated space station and the beginnings of the Borg. What a great episode and a super follow up to the Mine Field episode!
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I really liked this episode as well. The characters continue to become more rich and I am enjoying how they are linking these episodes with events in the future. What a great way to bring in the proto-borgs! I'm hoping there will be a new episode next week.

What did y'all think of Star Trek: Nemisis?
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Nemesis was a disappointment. Had it not been a Trek film, I probably would have hated it altogether. It's sad that the TNG characters got such a weak script to work with.



It was all too much like Spock and his self-sacrifice at the end of Wrath of Khan.
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Ahah!!! So I'm NOT the only Trekkie on this board!!
How do you all like my sig picture?

OK well my introduciton on the other form didn't say much about me. I'll get more specific:
I have been into Star Trek for almost 3 years now. I've been to 3 conventions, own 13 autographs, and go to many Star Trek buliten boards. At WilliamShatner.com, I'm practically a celebrity to the fellow posters.
I'm into TOS, TNG, and it just so happens Enterprise as well. Mostly just TOS though. I'm obviously a big fan of William Shatner.

I loved Nemisis enough to see it three times. I am really starting to hate those who still havn't convinced me that it's somehow bad.

I'm rather surpised at the length of this thread, seeing that only 1 person responded to my introduction mentioning Trek.

-Sarah of Borg
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The boards are so big these days that many of us don't get to all the forums all the time. I used to be the mod over New Cats, but I haven't been there much lately. Sometimes after work it's a lot to check in everywhere.

Anyway, there are a few of us Trek fans hanging around. I watched TOS as a kid with my dad, and all in all, TNG is my overall favorite series. I have a 14 year old son who has been watching since he was a little kid, thanks to me. I used to go to conventions, but I haven't been to one in years. I am a science fiction fan in general, but more so into things like Trek that have an optimistic view of our future.

I'll probably see Nemesis a few more times, even though it was far from the best Trek movie. I used to record TNG on its first run. My episodes take up about 40 tapes. Now it's time to invest in the DVDs. :laughing:
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What I meant is the "introduction" post on this forum. My name is a total give-away!
But it's nice to know that I'm not completely differant from the rest of ya
But so far not a single person here has mentioned my Spot gif! Don't you like Spot from TNG?

-Sarah of Borg
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Sarah, I noticed Spot the other day, and put it together with your name to realize you like Star Trek, too. I haven't seen Nemesis yet, I tried the other day, but got to the theater too late. Maybe this weekend.

Did anyone see the movie Trekkies about the loyal (to use a kind term )Star Trek fans? It was hilarious.
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My favorite scene was when all of the dorky guys were standing on the deck having a bar-b-que and said with amazement that some GIRLS even showed up to one of their meetings! Made both me and my husband laugh out loud!

I must admit that I cried when data died in Nemisis. But....remember that they downloaded all of Data's memory into the other one, so I'll bet he will be back as Data the next time around. I thought the movie was a bit slow, but I liked it OK.

Now, to embarrass myself...what is TOS???
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Originally posted by Sarah of Borg
But so far not a single person here has mentioned my Spot gif! Don't you like Spot from TNG?
I pointed out your Spot to my husband. We both got a chuckle out of it. So...it has been noticed and appreciated!

I liked the fact that Spot showed up briefly in Nemisis.
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Originally posted by lotsocats
Now, to embarrass myself...what is TOS???
LOL! Stands for "The Original Series". I love it when I can teach a PhD something.....
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The new season of Enterprise begins next week. I already have my VCR set and am counting the minutes until it begins.
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Yay! I had no idea when the season would begin. I still think its summer.

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Yuck i am, not a Star Trek fan at all. Ok i'll take the insults now.
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Somebody remind me NOT to be watching a TNG rerun at the time.
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Well, what do you think is going to happen with the Xindi?

I like that T'Pol seems to be getting softer.
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Yes, T'Pol looks sooooo much better. I always hated the old uniform... despite her great body, it just wasn't flattering. She looks really good now!

Talking about T'Pol, what was with the full side-view of her boob last week? Geez! Is this what they are going to do every week to increase viewership?

Anyway...I enjoyed the season opener. Let's just hope Enterprise doesn't turn into the T'Pol sex show instead of a good sci-fi romp!
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I do have a feeling that sex is going to play a larger portion this season. Hopefully they don't "oversex" the show. I love Trip's reaction to her "enjoyment" of the spinal manipulation. I wish my chiropractor made me feel that good! Looking forward to this week's episode.
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Us poor Aussies down here always get shown everything months after the USA.. So we are still waiting !!

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I hate when they resort to gratuitous sex or nudity when the show is nothing about that. I mean, its ok. I thought that scene was funny. I am trying to figure out what they did to her hair to make it different.
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Last nights show was excellent with a lot of action. Archer seems to losing it - he is right on edge since earth was attacked.
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I am very upset that I MISSED it! I think it will be rerun on sunday! I ll make sure that i must watch it.. star trek is my world..
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I liked the show last night to. But, I have a terrible confession to make, I missed the season finale last year and don't know who the Xindi are! (ducking any rotten tomatoes thrown my way)

Archer is losing it, but I like him this way so much better. Remember, they don't have the Prime Directive to guide their actions, so they're making up as they go along. If your world got attacked and there was no guiding "laws" telling you to keep it cool, wouldn't you go out and kick a$$?

One funny thing-when they were exploring the sphere, did anyone else think "Gee, I wonder which of the redshirts is going to get killed off?" And T'Pol's hair was bothering me, too. I think they lightened it so it's not so much of a helmet.
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Her hair is longer and lighter. And she only wears veeknecks now.

The Xindi, for some reason send a probe to earth that destroyed land and killed many people - Trip's sister was one of them. That is why he is having difficulties sleeping.

Here is a synopsis of the last episode of last season.
An alien probe unleashes an assault upon Earth. Enterprise is recalled, and along the way home Captain Archer acquires information that the perpetrators come from a mysterious region of space known as the Delphic Expanse.
A probe from an unknown alien source unleashes a devastating assault on Earth, cutting a swath from Florida to Venezuela. Millions are killed, including Trip's younger sister, and Enterprise is called home. On the way back, the ship encounters a Suliban vessel that abducts Archer. Once again, Archer comes face to face with Silik and the mysterious humanoid figure. The figure informs him that the probe that attacked Earth was sent by the Xindi, a race that believes humans will destroy their homeworld in the future. They were given this information by individuals from the future who can communicate through time. The figure also tells Archer that the Xindi are working on a much more powerful weapon that they will use to destroy Earth. The humanoid figure believes that deploying such a weapon will contaminate the timeline.

Once Archer is returned to his ship and Enterprise reaches Earth, the crew is confronted with yet another obstacle — a Klingon bird-of-prey commanded by the vengeful Duras, who is determined to have his revenge on Archer and reclaim his honor. Luckily, a few Starfleet vessels are onhand to assist Enterprise in fending off the attack and the Klingons retreat. At Starfleet Headquarters, Archer tries to convince Admiral Forrest and Ambassador Soval that the threat the Xindi pose is very real. He even has a set of coordinates, given to him by the mysterious figure. The coordinates are inside the Delphic Expanse, an area that's something like the Bermuda Triangle of space. Soval and Forrest aren't convinced that Archer's information justifies a mission into this area. Luckily, the humanoid figure has also provided Archer with proof. Archer scans the remains of the Xindi probe with a quantum-dating device, which shows that some of the debris is from the future.

With this information, Starfleet gives Archer the go-ahead for a new mission to the Delphic Expanse. Enterprise is fitted with new weapons and equipment and assigned some military personnel. Meanwhile, the Vulcan High Command informs T'Pol that they do not want to her to go on the mission. — if she decides to remain onboard Enterprise, she will lose her commission.

Enterprise sets off, planning for a stop on Vulcan along the way to drop off T'Pol. First, however, they must deal once again with Duras, who attacks once again. The crew manages to fend him off using the newly-upgraded weapons. Meanwhile, T'Pol has come to a decision — she wants to remain on Enterprise. She has resigned from the High Command. With that settled, Archer sets a course for the Delphic Expanse.

As they approach the Expanse, Duras attacks once again — and this time, he has two other birds-of-prey to assist him. Though two of the Klingon ships turn back as they get close to the Expanse, Duras presses on. Through some clever maneuvering, Archer manages to avoid the Klingon ship and eventually destroys it. With no other obstacles in their way, the crew of the Enterprise bravely heads for the Expanse ... and the unknown.
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Why didn't they take more stuff from the sphere or blow it up to prevent the pirates from attacking others?
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Archer's pesky morality? I thought the same thing....If I was in that situation, I'd take any and all that could help.
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Me too! I figure it was all stolen, so why not steal it away from the bad guys!

When Enterprise began, it was much more like the original Star Trek in that it was just a series of shows that were more-or-less disconnected from each other plot-wise. But now, they are following a story line from one episode to the next. I like it!

I hope they do more with Hoshee (sp). I like her. But I'm afraid she will be like MaryAnne on Gilligan's Island where she is the little pretty girl who is never the focus of the show because Ginger (T'Pol) is who everyone wants to see. (How's that for a bad comparison!?)
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