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Enterprise - season 2!

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Finally the season premiere was last night? Did anyone watch it? If not then it is being repeated on Space this Sunday. I won't give it away, but I was disappointed with how "easily" they resolved last years cliff hanger. I did feel bad for T'Pol though - I wonder if she will suffer from some post tramatic stress disorder in a future episode. If not, then they are losing a good acting opportunity for Jolene Blalock!
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Yeah, I was kinda disappointed too. Archer's speech at the end was a little...much. I liked the fact that they were getting in fights every other week. That seemed much more realistic.

Oh, well. I guess they had to have a dud sometime or another. I mean, look how bad TNG was its first season. By comparison, Enterprise is Emmy-quality material.
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I wasn't real impressed with the episode either. I agree that they should have come up with a more complex solution for the big cliff hanger. It was like "poof" he's back! Well...how the heck did he manage to get back exactly then and there???? Oh well...

I think Jolene Blalock did an excellent job during the interrogation scene. She was really believable. I wasn't impressed with her last season, but she wowed me last night!
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I really hope that they allow her to carry forward some "scars" from that interrogation. It would really add to her character!
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Oh crap! The irony is that I was watching an old TNG rerun! I hate that every show, every network has fall premieres all over the calendar. What ever happened to the good old days when it all premiered the same week?
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Forgive a dumb Aussie, but what is Enterprise all about? You've got me all intruiged!!
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Enterprise is the most recent installment in the Star Trek series. It is set about 100 years before the original series and is about the 1st earth based space crew. The is 1 Vulcan on board and there is no such thing as a "federation" yet. It is the early stages of space exporation on Earth's part. Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap fame is Captain Archer
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I don't about everyone else - I liked it! I guess I am just very partial to Start Trek any form or way! What I hear is that Archer and T'Pol are going to have a "relationship" - should be interesting.
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Must...watch...repeat... of... season...premiere.
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I'm waiting for a friend to drop the disc round with the new episode on (naughty download off the internet). Ooh I can't wait!
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I liked it too, but I have to admit that Archer's return was rather abrupt. It should be an interesting season, hard to imagine a Vulcan getting involved with a human, especially at the stage of "advancement" humans are in the show.
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Yay! Saw it. It's been so long that I forgot last season's end was a cliff hanger. Nice to see some action starting out the season. Poor Malcolm, though. I never saw Kirk with a shiner like that one!
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I never saw Kirk with a shiner like that one!
LOL, it's amazing how he could get into fights, and show no damage. I guess he had to look good for the ladies.
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Kirk aka William Shatner was such a good looking man. Has anyone seen him lately in the Priceline commercials - OMG he looks sooooooo bloated. If I did not know who he was I would not have recognized him. Soooo sad!
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Ok, was it just me, or was last night episode a little slow and boring. It just couldn't seem to grab my interest. I thought that Vulcans couldn't /wouldn't lie. T'pol greatgrandmother definately lied.
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Yeah, I agree it was slow. I actually walked away and did dishes, coming back every now and then to see what was going on. I did like the end, however, when Archer and Trip thought T'Pol had been pulling their collective legs....and she wasn't.
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I thought it was a little slow, but I still enjoyed it. But....what about the fact that they left their crashed vulcan ship out in the woods. They should have done something with it so it wouldn't be discovered. (or did I miss that they destroyed the ship?)

Anyway...I sure do like the fact that they are allowing T'Pol to do a little acting this season. I'm beginning to like her character.
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They must have camoflauged the ship as she went back to get the velcro thing before leaving. I am also glad they are developing T'Pol character.
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I thought tonight's episode was riveting, from that opening scene explosion til the end. I like how this show is taking a weekly story and creating an opportunity to expand the characters. I remember TNG taking quite a few seasons to do that. I also am glad that this episode remained fathful to original Trek and did NOT actually show the Romulans. I still remember that Kirk and crew were the first to see them and realize that they were related to the Vulcans.

All in all, a thumbs up tonight!
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This week was so much better than last week. I loved the interaction between Malcolm and Archer. The crew is really pulling together now that they have been on their mission for a year. Well done!
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I have to admit, I was on the edge of my seat last night. You knew that everything was going to work out, but HOW? One thing-Malcolm needs to loosen up a little!
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I thought last night was really good, too. Malcolm does need to loosen up, he has very strict ideas about the chain of command. I loved how uneasy he was with small talk at breakfast. Remember the episode last season when they tried to find out his favorite food, and nobody knew it, not even his family. I liked how he revealed something of himself to the captain when they were working on the mine. Another character to develop.

I have only one criticism of the show, and that is how effortlessly Hoshi is able to translate and send messages in languages she has never heard before. I have studied Spanish for years, and I still make mistakes. I think that aspect of the show is a little unrealistic. Linguists study language structure, they aren't necessarily fluent in each langauge they study, which is what the show implies.
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I think the deal on Hoshi is that she is supposed to be possessed of some extra special gift for deciphering languages.

The leg of that mine going through Malcolm's leg was intense. When I read the trailer about him being "pinned" down on the hull, I hardly thought they meant literally!
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I thought that this week's episode was a really good follow up to the Mine Field episode. I was really upset when I thought that Merriweather was dead! Do you think this was the beginning of the Borg? I think it was because of the hook up and how it began to fix itself at the end there.
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Ady, I definitely think it was the beginning of the Borg. I was upset about Merriweather, too, but I knew he was an important part of the crew, so I thought they would find a way to get him back. I really liked this episode. It seems like this show keeps improving.
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Good episode. I was upset, three, at the thought Merriweather was dead. And I LOVED the end-perhaps this would have been a more appropriate Halloween episode.

But if it was the beginning of the Borg, what does that mean for the ship and Malcolm? After all, both were repaired with the repair station's technology. Hmmm, maybe a plot point that will come up later?
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good point about the Borg!! Now, did anyone see the preview of next weeks episode. Looks quite steamy - T'pol & Archer!!
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I really liked this episode....it introduced replicators AND perhaps the Borg. I like the way the characters continue to develop and think they are doing good things with the plot.

I'm looking forward to a naughty and steamy episode next week!
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Another good episode. Although it wasn't the steamy episode the commericials led us to believe, I found it to be very moving, showing what a human would do for their companion animal.

I don't know about anyone else, but I was in tears, thinking that Porthos may be hurt by the alien microbe he picked up. And although what Archer and Floxx did was extreme, I would not hesitate if Ivo was in the same postition.

There was some steaminess, though. T'Pol's speech to Archer at the end indicated to me that she is just as attracted to him as he is to her. I can't wait to see how this turns out-wasn't Spock half-human?
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