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Help! Chipped tooth!

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We had a friend over the other day and they brought their new puppy, which of course resulted in a lot of hissing and growling from our kitties. Phoebe got so bad that when I picked her up to lock her in the cat room she hissed at me! Anyways, when she did that, I noticed that one of her canines in chipped. I pushed on it and inspected the rest of her mouth and I don't think it's the tooth rotting, it looks like she hit it on something and it chipped. Should I be concerned? The last vet visits she's always gotten a clean bill of health and the vet has said her teeth look great. We're not positive when it happened, or how it happened, but we do know that when she gets riled up and angry, she's a fierce fighter, probably because she was a stray (abandoned spayed and declawed), and we've heard both her and Escher run into walls and doors while chasing eachother around, could that be an explanation?

I tried to take a picture but they all came out blurry. She's still eating, drinking, and pooping as normal.
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I would say take her to the vet. It could lead to some problems if it isn't taken care of. Good Luck!
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Who knows how they hurt each other. When I adopted Odo, he had two broken teeth. The vet some how missed them in the exam. Depending on how far down the tooth is chipped, it may need to be removed to prevent infection. I'd plan on a vet visit soon.
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I think that I would take your wild child Phoebe, to her vet just to be sure that broken tooth is OK.
You did great by noticing it.
Let us know what you decide.
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Thanks for the advice, I'm still debating on when to take her to the vet, they're not due for their shots until May and Phoebe in particular really hates car rides and the vet, it's just the tip that's chipped off, I'll try again tonight to try and get pictures.
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Cats commonly break their canine teeth. I would not be terribly concerned with it unless you see that she is having a problem with it. Just keep an eye on it. If she is in pain or if you see any redness/swelling/discharge around the tooth, then it's time to act on it. My cat Spike broke one of his canines right off at the base when he was about 9, and never missed a beat.
Of course if you ever have a question or concern, it's always best to call your vet to ask him or her about it.
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The problem with broken teeth is that they can allow bacteria to enter the bloodstream--even if the cat seems fine. If you can, try touching the tip of the broken tooth. If your cat responds by chattering its lower jaw, then the tooth is painful and you'll need to take action sooner.
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That makes me feel better! Actually, as soon as I noticed it, the first thing I did was touch it, I guess I was trying to see if the whole tooth was loose or soft or anything in indicate decay and she didn't do anything. She doesn't really like it when I open her mouth or inspect her teeth in general but she definitely doesn't have any kind of reaction when I specifically touch that tooth! I'll keep an eye on her and that tooth, if it gets any worse I'll call the vet ASAP.
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Sounds like a good plan.
Let us know if there is a change in Phoebe's tooth.
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