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how high?

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Our little girl has this lovely habit of eating too quickly and then promptly vomitting next to her food bowl (although yesterday she managed to make it all the way to our new comforter on the bed to vomit) and we raised the food bowls to try to get her to eat slower, but only a couple of inches, is that enough? Should it be high enough that she has to get on her hind legs to reach it?
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I think a couple of inches is usually fine--like on a phone book. If raising the bowl doesn't help, you can try spreading the food out like on a cookie sheet. If it's not piled up, she'll have to eat slower. Also, if the problem continues, make sure she sees a vet to rule out other issues.
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If she's eating dry food, you can put a golf ball in the food dish. This will cause her to eat around it (slowing her down) and the weight of the ball should make it more difficult to paw it out of the bowl.

If it's wet food, spreading it out, like cloud_shade suggested, would be great.
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Thanks! It's the dry food we have problems with, she's only thrown up wet food once (before we started feeding higher quality brands). They get to free feed dry during the day and night and just get wet food at night so I don't know why she's in such a hurry, but the vomit is always (except for that once) undigested dry food. Hopefully this will help, otherwise we'll dry the golf ball, if she still vomits then we're calling the vet.
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