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Normal behaviour?

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The past few weeks Max has started walking around the house with his toy puppy in his mouth, giving out a heartbreaking meaow every so often, as if he's communicating with it. He then begins wrestling with it, before abandoning it & doing something else. I just wondered if anyone else on here has a cat which behaves in a similar way, and why he does this, could it be a comfort thing perhaps?
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Neither of mine do that but that doens't mean its not normal. It really depends on the cat. I think everything is ok as long as you don't see a difference in eating or different bathroom habits.
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It's very normal and lots of cats do it (just remember to put the mouse back where he'll find it again). Females tend to do it more often for some reason (I'm still not sure if it represents prey, babies, something to trade for food, or what!).
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Natasha carries around a mini-crinkle ball and meows all the time. I thought at first it was because she was a momma cat before I got her. But then she play fights with it too. I have to make sure I put the toy away before I go to bed at night.
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Elliott has a rolled up pair of socks that he does that with.
At first I thought they he thought it was a baby he was protecting from the evil female cats in the house
But then he started throwing them in the air sticking out his paw and catching them on his claws, then laying on top of them and growling at them.
So I now I think he thinks he "killed" the socks and he wants to make sure his kill is with him at all times.

Kitties sure can be funny little creatures!
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