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Cat's response to girlfriend

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My female cat is a lovable playful and increaibly well behaved cat, except for one instance, when my girlfriend says "good girl" to her.

When I say it, I use it as a sign of affection and use it as a reward phrase when she does something good. When my girlfriend does it for the same reasons, my cat chirps and gives a nasty whine. In some instances, when my girlfriend is petting her and my cat is purring, she'll say "good girl" and then gets a hiss and swipe.

She can feed her, pet her, play with her and my cat shows affection towards her... except for this phrase. Any ideas as to why>?
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Because it's your personal communication with her, and there's a whole other set of things your girlfriend's 'about' for the cat. Let her develop her own vocabulary for the cat and not use yours.
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LOL...sounds like kitty owns you~~~~~~

Have her try another phrase, like pretty baby.
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lol sounds like she doesnt like your gf using that phrase, kind of like my Kirra, i call her fuzzybritches and she has no issues, will even come running to me, but when my husband says it her deminor is different in response to it. Becuase its mommy's term of enderment and daddy is saying it to tease rofl
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I agree with everyone on here, its because thats ur phrase and communication with her, my willie and me have ours and its mamma will will, or mamma's baby, or mamas pretty boy but mainly mammas will will !! He only really comes to me when thats said, then again all I have to do is go downstairs and say Will willie or willie and he pops up and meows !! Kitties have different phrases for everyone
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maybe there is somthing in her tone or the rythem of her voice when she says it that is disturbing your cat. Maybe your girlfriend might want to say "good honey" or somthing different and see if the kitty acts differently.
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