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How do I make it up to him?

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I trapped Mosi's paw in the door this morning and feel so guilty I was trying to get breakfast sorted out (takes a while with them having different things, then Jaffa needs his probiotic adding, and they both have plaque off sprinkled on top...) and they were whining and meowing and telling me to get a move on so I was snapping at them and telling them I was going as quickly as I could. Eventually I decided I couldn't stand them whining in my ear so shooed them out of the kitchen and pushed the door shut rather quickly. Jaffa hissed at me and poor Mosi got his paw caught in the door. Poor thing let out a loud shriek and ran away into the bedroom. He's such a happy, sweet natured lad and I've never seen him look hurt and confused like that before, let along shy away from me. It was a while before he'd let me stroke him. I feel so bad, poor lad. His paw's fine but he's made it very clear I have to earn his affection again.

So - how am I going to make it up to him? Visit to pets at home after work for some new toys and treats? Or leave work early to go home and play with him? What do you think?
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Oh its an terrible feeling when you do that, I felt bad when I caught Dinos tail fur under the chair and it pulled a great lump out It does confuse them when the normal calm of the days routine is interrupted with a bit of hissing
He knows you didnt mean it and will have calmed down when you get home, so I think a load of cuddles, chin scritches and head butts are in order
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lots of sucking up i say you go home early AND get the toys and treats...least thats what my brood would say
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms View Post
lots of sucking up i say you go home early AND get the toys and treats
I agree, you need to do both
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I say u do both I think they will like that the most, hell get new treats and toys and more cuddle time, I bet he would really like it alot
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Just give him a little extra love, that is what I always did when I accidently did anything to Sambo, he was bad to get up under your feet. He would get stepped on sometimes, I would always just pick him up and tell him how sorry I was, and that I didn't meant to.
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Awww poor little Mosi! I had to laugh, your feeding time sounds like mine, and I tell them I'm going as fast as I can amongst the meows of my pitifully starving bunch....yeah right! but I have 8 sharks circling and I have shut them out of the room! I say give him a bit of extra cuddles and kisses and he'll forgive you
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I hate it when that happens with mine as well The look they give you afterwards is a mixture of shock, anger and hurt

Ack go the whole hog and get some toys and treats and then you can play with him
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Awww, poor Mosi!

I had to laugh though as a similar thing happened with my lot and Molly was the one whose little paw emerged from under the other side of the door ()

I gave her lots of loving and cuddles and she soon came round!

Although, she just whispered in my ear that if I had offered toys and treats, she would have forgiven me that bit quicker!
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It looks like it's going to be toys, treats and cuddles! I can see I'm going to be making it up to him for some time (and I wouldn't put it past him to put on a limp when I get home).

Poor lads - I was really narky with them this morning. I was almost tempted to go home at lunchtime for apologies and cuddles but I'd have lost my parking space at work.
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Cudddlllesss alwasy work,, and loving even more... Just my opinion....

My cats,, are mad at me because they got soft claws Sunday night,, none of them will even snuggle with me..
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how can you NOT rush right home to play with them?! who doesn't do that?!
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Well I'm about to leave work early and am heading home to hand out the cuddles but will stop off on the way to buy some of their favourite treats (freeze dried prawns and chicken pieces). And I'm going to get Mosi a new toy at the weekend. If he plays his cards right he could have me grovelling for a long time! Jaffa needs extra cuddles too because I shouted at him and told him he was getting on my nerves. Poor lads.
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They'll understand - especially with the yummies at hand!

Although, I think you're right about Mosi putting on a limp to add to the guilt factor!
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How are Jaffa and Mosi now that Meowmy's home with the yummies and lovin's?
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We've had the yummies and the lovin and fair bit of playing! Mosi is now curled up on my lap with his paw resting on my arm and his head nestling into me I think he's forgiven me Jaffa's on the bed being a radiator magnet. I've promised to put an order in at an online shop for some toys I've been promising for a while so hopefully that will make me the good guy. Of course Mosi could just be waiting til 4am to get his revenge!
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If i could have selected both options i would have I would go home and give him lots of love and attention as soon as you can and also a nice little kitty toy wouldn't hurt eithor
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I agree with both. I'm glad they've forgiven you. (But I'd look out for that 4 am revenge if I were you.)
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Lots... and LOTS of cuddles! And maybe some extra treats!
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I always wait around until they will come to me after I do something like that. Then I give them lots of hugs an kisses and extra yummies
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