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hunger..more at night or not

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Ok, for some reason I always get more hungrier at night and food looks soo much better, I wanted to see if there is any one else like me that loves to eat when they are hungry but for some reason food looks more good at night, I can eat a big dinner and by 1:30 - 2:30 I am hungry again so I have nibblers pretzels that I usually eat at night ewell except for the last few days its been dinner then, because getting caught up on sleep and being care taker for willie, I am wore out !! But its 1:44 here now and man am I hungry, and I dont know what I want ! I never ate dinner though because I wasnt that hungery but now, i want to order food and cant too late !!! I always get hungry when its too late but who else likes food sometimes better at night? It can be anything, and who else gets hungry at night no matter what !!! feel free to explain too !
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I have SOOOOOOOOOOOo many stomach /digestive issues- so i try to eat 5-6 small balanced meals a day. but yup, i definitely get more hungry at night for the most part- but then again, lol i'm always hungry Except right now though- i've been sick as a dog all weekend...
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it's cause we're supposed to be asleep

Those Special K cereal bars are really good for this kind of thing. They fill you up nicely.

It's best to stick to a regular schedule..your body will get used to it.
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I wouldn't say that I'm more hungry at night, but I definately want to eat more at night than other times of the day. I'm currently trying to break this habit by not eating after seven.
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