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What Magazines Do You Subscribe To??? - Page 2

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Entertainment Weekly
Cooking Light
Foreign Affairs

Love EW. I've suscribed for years.
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WV Game and Fish
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The only magazine I have subscribed to is 'Cat World'

I also buy 'Closer' every week and sometimes 'Horse and Hound' and 'Chiltern and Thames Rider'
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TIME (for decades), Cat Fancy, and Geliebte Katze (a German cat magazine similar to Cat Fancy). I commute by train, and buy several other magazines, mainly news, like The Economist, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, Spiegel, Focus) at the kiosks.
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I used to get Cosmo, but after getting the subscription for about 2 years, it seemed like every issue was about the same stuff!

I don't get any mags anymore, if I want them, I'll buy them off the stand.
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I subscribe to lots:

Canadian Living
Canadian Gardening
Martha Stewart Living
Stoney Creek Cross Stitch
Consumer Reports

There's a bunch more, but can't think right now! Too many - I'm trying to cut back.
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Originally Posted by lionessrampant View Post
I must be absolutely weird for a 20-something...I cannot STAND Cosmo!
I've never liked Cosmo either. When my sister subscribed to them and I would read them in high school, basically the articles were about how to solve every relationship problem with sex.

My sis still reads Cosmo and yes, she thinks that everything wrong with the guy that she's dating can be solved by just sleeping with them (including lack of proposal).
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I subscribe to Cat Fancy, Night Sky and CCM. Though CCM technically is DH's.
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I can't believe it - did I read through the entire thread and see no subscriptions to National Geographic? That was the first magazine I ever started reading!

We susbscribe to National Geographic, The Economist, Scientific American and Prevention magazine.

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Cosmo, and Fitness!
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The Economist, Fine Cooking, Cooking Light, Prevention
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A long time ago I used to have a subscription to Omni (a science and tech magazine) but it is no longer published. I thought it was a pretty good mag.
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