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Cleaning cat's teeth

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Although my cat eats mostly dry cat food, she has already started to get some plaque build up and a bit of bad breath (a previous vet said that cats who eat dry food don't need their teeth cleaned, but my new vet says they do)

Since this is something i will need to do often, i do not want it to be a big fight- and in fact, with this cat, it would not be POSSIBLE to "force" it on her...

So i have to work up to it gradually. It was suggested that when i am petting her, i just start getting her used to having her lip raised for a few seconds, just sort of slip it in there, and after awhile gradually move up to rubbing her teeth with my finger and then advance to using gauze pads or a face cloth....


this cat does not like to be approached to be petted, she will only accept it when she comes to me,
and when does she come to me?!?
when i am busy with something else, of course! (often when i am on the computer, she will sit in front of the monitor, or if i am laying down trying to read a book, she gets on my chest between my face and the book- or she sits on my face if she has to!!LOL)

so, it is much harder to just drop what i am doing and pet her (i do it as often as possible because she is so rarely in the mood)
On a few occasions i have been able to lift up one lip, but i am sooo far away from actually cleaning her teeth...!!
and when i DO get to the point of cleaning them, i am gonna have to get up to go get the gauze pads or whatever i use, and then she'll be off to something else, and the chance will have passed.


any help greatly appreciated!
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It sounds like you are taking the best approach. I have found that if you don't start them as kittens, it's almost world war 2 with them. With my older cats, I just take them to the vet for a good teeth cleaning when they need it.
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