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++Crossing Fingers++

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When I began my Masters program last fall there was an opportunity for graduate work...but no more details were given after that. The director didn't know if it paid, when it would begin etc.

Unfortunately though I found out last week that the grad work got turned over to contract workers since money was abundant. However the director told me that he would send an inquiry to his collegue.

So I hoping that not only this turn into an opportunity, but it pays as well. Even if its 10/hr...that in addition to my teaching at the community college would still help us survive and store a little.

If I wasn't the primary bread maker I would've quit by now and just work on my studies. But unfortunately B would be very stressed if I did quit.

So err..Vibes please???
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I totally understand......vibes to you!

Hubby would quit too but he is the main bread winner and we couldn't survive without his income so he's sticking with it.
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Good Luck!!!!
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vibes for you! hope everything works out
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loads a luck and stuff flying your way
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Good luck on this one! I know how it feels to be the primary income to the household. I am not that Lee lost his jobs. It really sucks! That this pays well and you get it!!
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Thanks everyone!

I reread the email again this morning and I *might* get to meet the guy next week.

We'll see though. I'm just bored with my current job.
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