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Our new addition!

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I just wanted to tell everyone about our new addition. We are getting a Sphynx tonight! He will arrive at 10:30 tonight. He is flying all the way from Utah! We are so excited about this little guy and can't wait to see him! His name is Funky and he will be our show alter. He will be spending the weekend with my wonderful sister in law since I am leaving for the cat show tomorrow. We will also be bring our new Bengal home this weekend. Should be a fun week next week. Well that is all I just wanted to share with you our new baby!
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OMG -how precious!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that name.
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What a sweet little face. How lucky to get new kittens. I'm sure they will be great friends since they will be growing up together.
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Awwww...have a wonderful time with your two new little arrivals! If he ever didn't like being called Funky, he'd be a Yoda, for sure. We might have to knit him a jumper for the winter!
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We thought about Yoda but my sister in law has a Yoda. She is a rescue kitten. She and I saved her from under my sister in laws house. Yoda's mom had the litter under the house and this one girl wandered away. We could not find where mom had them so we adopted her. She was named Yoda from then on because she was only a few days old and looked like a Yoda.

I also want to say thanks to everyone that has responded to my message.
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Cute kitten!
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Funky is soooo cute! Thanks for sharing the pic and best of luck to you with your new baby!
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Awwwww!!! Thanks for the picture!! I think Funky is such a cute name, too!!! Boy you will have your hands full this weekend!!! But it will be fun!!
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Thanks everyone!
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Hey Nicole!

Funky is toooooo cute! I want one now, too I've always thought they were a cool, cute looking cat. Can I "cyber" sit him?
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He's so cute!! I love Sphynx kitties!!!
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Tigger and Vader thank you. Tigger yes you can cyber sit him anytime! I leave in 15 minutes to pick him up.
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I was just doing a search on the sphynx rescue and believe it or not, but there is a local one in AZ that does both those & the Rex (Cornish, I think, maybe Devons, too) rescue, I found another one, and there is a blue/white neutured male who needs a home.
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Tigger that is wonderful! Go get him!

Now I have bad news Funky missed his flight and is in a kennel right now! He is coming in tomorrow on this first flight in the morning. He will be here at 11:47. I feel so bad for the little guy. I just want to cry right now. I will be very busy tomorrow getting ready for the show. I will try to post when I get him home.
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Awwwwww. hang in there, Nicole. And don't fret, he's probably being sooooo spoilt right at this very minute, lol. How could you look at that face and not want to snuggle and kiss him?? Let us know how the show and your two new arrivals go.
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Poor Funky missing his flight! He looks like a sweety and a character. He should be a great addition with your other new kitten coming home too!
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Thank you everyone! He is now here! I feel so much better. He is ok but he is very skinny! I will be adding some missing link to his food and leaving it for my sister in law to give to him. I am on my way out but I wanted to let everyone know he is here and is fine. He is so cute and little. I took him to the vet and all is well. He has a few spots that might be a fungus so he is in my bathroom for the time being. I should know what the sopts are in a week. I hope it is not ringworm! The vet did not think it was but we did the test just to be sure! I have to go now I will let you know how I do at the show when I get back. Thanks again guys!
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What a sweetie! Good luck at the Shows! :tounge2:
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Glad Funky finally made it home! Hope you have a great time at the cat show!
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Good luck with the little Funky dude, Nicole. I'm sure with all your love and attention, he will fatten up in no time. Coco was a bit thin when she came to me, but now, I have to let her collar out every two or 3 days!
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