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new roommate

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I am going to be moving in with a new roommate in a couple weeks. She has a 9 month old kitty and I have a 7 month kitty. Serah, her cat is declawed and pretty reserved and shy. My Maggie is very active, friendly, fully intact, and rather assertive (just playful). I'm not super concerned, but there will be adjustments that have to be made. What is the best way to get these two kitties to adjust to one another? I do think they'll become friends, but I want the transition to be a smooth one. Any suggestions?
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Why haven't you spayed your kitty?
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oh, she was spayed 1.5 months ago. I meant that she has her claws (they're intact!)
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With kittens it's alot easier. It doesn't matter if one is declawed and the other is not. I have 7 cats, 2 of which are declawed (done LONG before I knew what was involved). They all get along famously. I would begin by separating them for a couple of days. If the kitten doesn't like being secluded, let him out supervised to see how they interact. You may be very surprized. If it goes well, then you've got it made. If not, put the other kitty in another room and let the new kitty out to roam for a while and get used to his new home.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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They should make the transition very well. Like Donna said, I would start with a seperation. Maybe keep your baby in your room for a week or two and let them sniff through the door. When they meet face to face, there will probably be a few hisses and spits, but they will learn to play nice.
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