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My contract isn't being renewed....

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I just found out from my boss that when my contract comes up on Feb 1st. I will be put on temp status which means that my pay will be held in arrears. So in February I will only get one pay check instead of 2.

So now I have to once again borrow from my parents or go in debt. I can't believe they are doing this to me I have been there 2 years. They are doing this in possible preparation for the job becoming permanent.

If I didn't have my parents to help me sometimes I don't know what I would do. I hate borrowing money form them I feel so guilty, they are both disabled and have their own problems. My parents won't let me go into more debt than I already am. I don't even know if I should tell them that I might need money again.
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Aw, that stinks! I'm sure you're parents would rather help you than you try to deal with it yourself, if they're able.
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Oh I'm sorry to hear that! How is this part of making the job permanent?
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our budget comes up on Feb 1st, they won't hear if there is enough money in the budget for a permanent job until possibly the end of Feb.
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Oh I see. That's awful still!
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Do you have a possibility of being hired in if it is perm?

Sending money {{{{VIBES}}}}}
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That stinks, I know how it feels to be in debt and so I feel your pain. Could you take a part time job somewhere else just until you find out if your job will become a permanent position?
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Ohh I know your pain... I am sending good perm vibes to you
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