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Most memorable time with your cat?

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What's your favorite memory with your cats?

Mine is with Sephie. One night, he climbed on me and laid down on my chest and put the top of his head right under my chin and just went to sleep. It was the cutest and sweetest thing. That's the only time he's ever done that.
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When I first got Sibohan she was so skittish mit took her a while to warm up to me but i woke up one morning and she was sleeping on my pillow and she took her paw and put it on my cheek.
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Hmmm. My most memorable with any cat Ive ever met was the last 30 minutes that Bagheera was alive. He was so sweet and acted so happy. Him running around the Emergency vets. Then in the car with my vet and vet tech he ran around head butting and purring at everyone. Then he ran over onto my lap curled up purring and fell asleep. He died within minutes. But it was the most amazing thing Ive ever seen. Even in the end he kept his happy loveable personality. I think he knew that I couldnt handle seeing him suffering. At least thats what I like to think. He was my baby boy and still is.
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Most memorable with my cat:

The ONE night that Arek got into my lap - and fell asleep there! Arek is our anti-social cat and we'd been working with him for a long time, but the best part was that I had stopped petting him and was reading a book and I looked down and started to talk to him. And he started purring when he heard my voice!!! What a great night that was.

Most memorable with any cat, ever:

A friend of mine asked me if I could take his cat, because his landlord was going to evict him. He'd found her on the streets and didn't want to take her to the shelter. So I took her. This cat was a HUGE short haired tabby (even bigger than my current Maine Coons who are 15 and 20 pounds.) I have no idea what kind she was, or where she came from but the entire ride home she sat in my lap purring so loudly I could hardly hear the radio. I got her home and my Step Mom would NOT let her in the house. I was forced to keep her in the garage that night, and the next day she was gone. I'll never forget that cat. She's the reason I love large breeds today.
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Unfortunately my most memorable time with Trout was last March when she was really sick and we thought she was going to die I will never forget that feeling in my heart..I look at her everyday and give her cuddles..It sickens me that she won't be here forever
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My favorite memory of Joshua(RB), was after he had been in a show in PA, we were heading home to Central NYS, when we ran into black ice on route 81, near the pa/ny border. Cars were sliding, accidents, folks were off on the shoulder, one could barely move 5-10 miles per hour.

I had a cb a friend had loaned me, so I could hear the truck chatter, and found out the road was closed up ahead, just at the border between the states. I decided to see how far I could get, I was running out of gas and staying put was not an option.

I made it to the last town before rt.81 was closed, and the blessing was it had an open-all night gas station/little grocery store, with a for trucks parking lot..huge...and best of all, they took credit cards!!

I was able to get food and water, set up a little litter box for Josh in the footwell of the passenger side of the car. I'd fall asleep, get cold, wake up, turn the car on for 20 minutes to warm up, turn it off and go back to sleep. I let Joshua out of his carrier, and he slept on my shoulder, under my coat which I had off but across me like a blanket. He purred, and smiled...I swear Joshua thought he was in heaven and we were having a party!

Next morning, traffic was allowed through, and I could slowly make my way home.
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My most memorable time with Bella was our whole life together, almost 13 amazing years, she made my life so beautiful. Part of me will forever be gone.
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It's impossible for me to pick just one memory of each of my kitties. Everyday is a new memory and special in it's own way. Chynna's endearing thing for me is when she sits and taps me on the leg letting me know that she is there and wants to be picked up. For Abby it's her announcing herself by carrying her pair or rolled up socks in her mouth and meowing at the same time and bringing them to wherever I happen to be.
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