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vladimir Putin says Global warming is good for Russia

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well I guess he at least admits it is happening. doh !!
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Did he elaborate as to why? Would it help them agriculturally or something?
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and eating fast food everyday and injecting heroine is super for us too!
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I could kind of see why, as it would provide all around warmer climate so that maybe they wouldn't be so dependant for food and such in other countries.
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I hate to admit it, but with the warmest winter I have ever experienced in my life I can see his point. If you live in a place where winter is really rough (and Siberia is worse than where I am) global warming seems like a dream come true.
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yeah, good for Russia, just bad for the rest of the world but then the Russians have never been known for their consideration of the rest of the world
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I love america but we produce more greenhouse gases than any other country on the planet. well that will change with russia and china linking up and heading into higher tech. Have you seen An Inconvenient Truth?
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Well, as said, he at least admits it, unlike Bush who listens to unsound advice and only cares about America getting enough oil! Russia has signed up to the Kyoto Agreement on emissions production, which the US has so far refused to do. The Americans are far more selfish on pollution than any other country.
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Global warming is not good for ANY country. to think that it is to be very ignorant of the complexity of the problem and it's far reaching consequences for us all. So what if we get a mild winter? It doesn't mean summer willl be great too or even normal. Not having proper seasons really screws up the flora and fauna who've evolved in conjunction with the climate, and will give us all problems when agriculture starts to fail.
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Well. Hes *really* dumb then....see, global warming is melting the icecap. Which is raising ocean levels, which yes, will eventually make much of russia submerged and/or uninhabitable.

I cant find the Russian data, but admittedly didnt look, as a comparison though, a 3 foot sea leve rise would inundate over 22,000 square miles of land along the atlantic/gulf coast ( not sure what would sink on the west coast)...
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Glad I don't live on the coasts.
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