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Meet Sam

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Hi - I thought it was time to introduce Sam to the gang here. He's about 6 years old. We adopted him a year ago. He has lovely dense semi-long hair, with a very impressive mane in the winter. His legs stay short haired, and have a silvery glow. After too many people asked "what kind of cat is he", I decided to start looking for the answer. I've decided to call him a Nebelung, partly because it is so exotic, most people have never heard of that breed. I usually just refer to him as a long haired Russian Blue.

He gave us quite a scare when he first moved in - he seemed happy to live with us, but didn't like the food, or the routine, or both, and virtually quit eating.

He is fine - no lasting health effects, although he was too thin. However, he is now quite a spoiled kitty - I can't go shipping without buying a new treat (toy that is, he is not much of a food treat kind of cat).

This summer I started taking him outside on a harness and leash, and now he has me trained - every evening at 6:00 we go outside for about an hour, then we race inside to have a new fresh serving of yummy wet cat food.
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad to see you have jumped right in on some of the other forums.

Sam is indeed a beautiful cat. He looks a lot like my kitty Trent, except that Trent is all black. If he is like Trent, you couldn't be more right about an impressive mane in the winter. Now if I could just convince Trent that getting brushed is a good thing...

Sounds like Sam has you trained very well. Good human. Don't let him fool you, they all train us to bend to their will, schedule, feeding preferences, etc. etc. etc.
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Hey...Sam the man!

Welcome to you both, think you will be pretty happy here.

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Sam and I thank you for the welcome.

I've learned a lot and been entertained looking around the site.

Sam already knows everything; he's challenged every day to teach me a new trick. He's working on "Get out of bed and throw this lovely pink sponge ball, here, it's right here, remember, you like this game, okay, I have it right beside your bed, are you ready to get up yet????????????".

Today I learned "Can we go out YET? How about NOW? Is it time YET? Those people came in that door - why can't I go OUT?"
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Such a beautiful cat!Lovely blue fur!I´ve allways loved blue cats.If you want look a picture of my cat!I posted the picture in cat lounge!
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