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Me and my fiance went through the same thing him and his boss found a puppy in -25 weather(canada) and we took her in and currently caring for her, i wouldnt have it any other way she is due for a vet appointment early next week she is a dream but my kitties dont like her much

god bless there are still people in this world that care as m,uch for there animal companions as me and you and alot of others on this forum
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I just read this entire thread beginning to end
Jenn, you are an ANGEL for taking Charlie in.
I cried quite a few times reading this- that poem is soo sad!---- but finally, tears of joy for Charlie he has found his forever home - the best home EVER might I add
Charlie is one lucky dog to have found such loving, caring, wonderful people to be with. God bless your wonderful family.

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Hey Jenn! Just wanted to check up and see how Charlie is doing. I've been away from the forum for a few weeks because I injured my back quite badly and was laid out for ages!

I hope he's doing well - would love an update!

PS - A friend of mine just rescued another dog, he's a three-month old puppy, mostly Beagle. They called him....Charlie! I told them about your story and now they call him Charlie-Hound. Sooooo cute
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Sarah, Charlie is the best name ever.... He learned it so much and both Charlies might be part beagle.... I love Charlie Hound~

Angel, your kitties will get used to him. And maybe they will be like mine. The older ones establish a little fear in the dog's heart. It makes them safer. They need to be the dominate animal.. The dog will adjust and eventually the cats will too.

And then there is JJ..... My huge 3-legged boy. He hates all dogs. They are all deathly afraid of him. At first he physically attacked the dogs. And I do mean physically. And then time passed. Now he merely lays on the couch with a sour puss look if they get too close. He still gives the occassional swat but it doesn't pack the punch it used to...... Here's Charlie and the fierce JJ....... [JJ is on a diet by the way.. Part of his sour puss expression is due to that but at the time of this pic, it was due to Charlie Hound] He makes me laugh........

Here he is a few minutes ago swatting a Charlie. All Charlie wanted to do is smell him but it woke JJ.....

And this is after the swat. Check out JJ's face... He is a true dog hater but thank god he doesn't get too physical with them anymore. He is a good 20-25 lb cat. He is very powerful.... But my big 100 lb dogs will always be afraid of him. In another thread I wrote about this but JJ used to lay in our bedroom door at night and guard us. He kept the dogs OUT of the bedroom. He claimed it as his territory.

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I hope that you find a way to get a little of that weight off or at the very least keep him from gaining more.
JJ will you join the exercise group?
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I'm working on him. He has actually lost a couple lbs...... I am feeding him twice daily... I used to let him pig out while I fed the other cats and also fed him people food while we ate. I have totally quit that with all the animals. JJ is the only one who needs to really lost weight. He is the first overweight animal that I have had to this extent. I believe him having three legs helps him not burn calories. He is active but not as much as he used to be.

But right now, JJ is miserable because everything in his life has changed and he doesn't realize it is for his own good. Just like Toe's life. It's all different. Toe was a wake up call to us in how we fed the animals. We nearly lost him due to our own stupidity....

But JJ is on a diet and it is working...... He will be sleek in a few months.... and that will prolong his life on three legs... I am not feeding him diet food per se but we are feeding him less and different types of food. I think that will do it.

I think his weight gain was due to people food..... He sits by us very sad while we eat now.. and it has made him angry too.. Toe adjusted easy to his new diet as did all the cats but JJ is more of everything than the other.. More hardheaded...more loving..more needy..more hungry and so on...... He had such a hard life before than we over compensated for everything.

Now he is on his diet.........
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Originally Posted by jcribbs View Post
But JJ is on a diet and it is working...... He will be sleek in a few months.... and that will prolong his life on three legs... I am not feeding him diet food but we are feeding him less and different types of food.
Keep us updated about JJ diet progress.
Dexter needs to lose 2 lbs. but we are having a big struggle with that.
Maybe JJ will be my inspiration to stick with our plan and not give in to ....
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JJ has lost a couple pounds. His anger management problems over having food only put out twice a day is getting better... He is getting around better with the weight loss too.

Dont give up....... If I/JJ can do it......you can too.
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Dexter said that JJ is his weight loss roll model.
Keep up the good work JJ.
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